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Urgent Care Leader & Integrated Healthcare Visionary

Urgent Care Leader & Integrated Healthcare Visionary | Dr. Senthill Mohan

Dr. Senthill Mohan


Healthcare has become extraordinarily complex — the balance of quality against cost, and technology against humanity are placing ever-increasing demands on clinicians.

These challenges require extraordinary leaders. Doctors were once viewed as ill-prepared for leadership roles because their selection and training led them to become “heroic lone healers.”

But this is changing. The emphasis on patient-centered care and efficiency in delivering clinical outcomes means that physicians are now being prepared for leadership.

With numerous years of experience in the field of medicine, Dr. Senthill Mohan, CEO of MEDCENTRE HEALTH, has established himself as not only a pioneering medical expert but also a leader who is all set to transform the healthcare sector with his unique expertise.

Dr. Mohan has traveled worldwide, working in various hospitals and imparting knowledge, inspiring healthcare providers to offer better patient care. He has utilized his immense experience and niche expertise to coordinate with US accredited hospitals and assist international patients in obtaining the best medical care.

Dr. Mohan’s experience of working alongside some of the world’s best-of-the-best physicians, as well as his exposure to US-accredited corporate hospitals, inspired him to establish his company that focuses on incorporating state- of – the-art medical centres that offer excellent ‘one-stop’ healthcare across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) since 2012.

Dr. Mohan publicly started promoting integrated healthcare with all the essential health services under one roof as the ideal healthcare setup for the future and put “SYNCHRONIZING HEALTH SECTORS” as the tagline of his company and announced his vision at his First Medical Centre Grand opening speech.

The Ontario government’s plan of Integrated Health Care and creating Ontario Health Teams (OHT) came several years after his mission. Based on his vision, he has developed two medical centers in the Greater Toronto Area , and both have been fully operational for several years now. He is planning to create more medical centres that incorporate this model of care

This steadfast leader has been a reliable pillar of support for the healthcare community. Dr. Mohan has contributed to the development of  highly qualified, dedicated doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals that work with him to provide various types of patient care, especially urgent care, for several thousand patients every month in his medical facilities.

Frontline Healthcare leader

His real passion for humanity was highlighted during the pandemic. Even though the government announced help for businesses that could not function, he decided and announced he would help the community by opening his healthcare facility every day and providing In-person & Virtual care. He encouraged and gave confidence to all his team members to work during that critical time. All the staff and doctors decided to continue working with him during this unexpected critical period.

During the Covid pandemic, Dr. Mohan and his team did a study about how to cut down the risk of infection by social distancing, and how to cut down waiting area congestion and waiting time. In response to the results of this study, they decided to implement an online booking system on their website, and brought in touchscreen kiosks for patients to quickly register without waiting.

Additionally, a study about how patients were coming to know about MEDCENTRE HEALTH made them implement policies and strategies to improve their outreach to the general population –  MEDCENTRE HEALTH’s new interactive website, upgraded Google page, and online interactions  with the public regarding their questions were some of the changes they made.

Excellent Urgent Care Facility Developer

In the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), existing state-of-the-art Urgent Care facilities are very few and far between. After working in Canadian hospital emergency departments for several years, Dr. Mohan started the Markham McNicoll Urgent Care Centre (MMUCC) in the Eastern part of Toronto City in November 2014. By doing this, several thousand patient visits to the emergency room (ER) were reduced, indirectly cutting down ER  wait times. This urgent care & walk-in clinic caters to several thousand patients who don’t have family physicians as well.

The Markham McNicoll Urgent Care Centre (MMUCC) has been rated as the best walk-in clinic in Toronto city several times. The urgent care clinic is open daily for long hours, including weekends and statutory holidays. The scope of services is broad, and includes treatment of wounds, cut injuries, severe headaches, fractures, asthma attacks, and mild concussions. The centre has lab facilities, specialist services, family physician services, and associated X-ray /ultrasound, pharmacy, physiotherapy/chiropractic and other medical services.

Motivation to others

Dr.Mohan’s role model is Sundar Pichai, CEO of both Alphabet and Google. If one were to curate a list of the most influential personalities in Silicon Valley, it would be incomplete without Sundar Pichai. The Google head honcho is renowned for his decision-making skills and business acumen. A living legend that Pichai is, humility is one characteristic that never left his side. He is easily approachable and soft-spoken; he lets his work speak for himself, maintains a calm demeanor, and strives to stay patient and live a drama-free life. Despite his growing popularity, he believes in keeping a low profile.

Dr. Mohan takes strong inspiration from Sundar Pichai, and can pursue a goal with enthusiasm and instill that same attitude in his teams and those who contact him. He recruited highly qualified and trained healthcare providers as part of his company and retained them for years. He motivated the physicians to adapt to digital healthcare, and proved his assurance that the patient flow will increase at least 25% within 6 months of starting the digitalization.

As he has worked closely with high profile corporate hospitals, he learned the importance of business acumen. He was able to apply the positive attributes he adopted in Canada, where healthcare is not privatized. This care is unique compared to the majority of Canadian Medical Centres, which are mainly depending on the Publicly funded health care system.

During the Pandemic, most medical clinics stopped seeing patients in person or closed altogether. However, the CEO’s motivation to serve the community inspired his doctors and other frontline staff, resulting in his clinic being open every day to provide the essential service for several thousand people from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Unique Corporate culture

He has created a corporate culture unique to MEDCENTRE HEALTH. He ensures that the multiculturalism of Toronto is reflected in his hiring of doctors and staff. He has a zero-tolerance policy for racism and religious hate in his organiza

Adaptability of Technology

MEDCENTRE HEALTH has created one of the most informative and detailed interactive medical websites in Toronto, ensuring people know about their professional teams and their services.

 Dr. Mohan has also created a virtual care facility, where patients can easily book their appointment online in real time and receive automated reminders via email and SMS.

At MEDCENTRE HEALTH patients can join their doctor in a secure video call from wherever they are, with up to 4 participants (primary care physician, specialist, primary caregiver, iInterpreter), without needing to install an app.

Now at MEDCENTRE HEALTH, the patients are greeted in the clinic by a touch screen kiosk. Instead of waiting for a long time for staff to be available, all their paperwork for registration can be done immediately. There is a customer care person to help the patients who need help registering as well. After registration, a patient can come back when the doctor is ready to see them, by monitoring their mobile device. This provides a huge improvement in patient safety, efficiency, and convenience compared to a packed waiting room.

By adapting to modern technology, MEDCENTRE HEALTH staff can spend more time helping to improve patient care and optimizing the operation, which improves the overall quality of care.

Towards the Future

Dr. Mohan has ensured that MEDCENTRE HEALTH offers the best digital health services for patients, and has taken up the digitalization of all their facilities using artificial intelligence-backed digital care.

In the future, Medcentre Health will further modernize the healthcare experience in areas which may include secure messaging between healthcare providers, AI-based risk awareness, and other high impact initiatives. The difference is, these things are no longer just ideas, but are becoming a proven reality that work for real patients.

MEDCENTRE HEALTH has already started using data analysis and project analysis in all sections of their services. They have changed their strategy, priorities, and the decisions they have to adapt to the AI-based “New Global Order”.

Dr. Mohan and his team continue to study patients’ expectations and needs to improve their healthcare service provision.

MEDCENTRE HEALTH is determined to continue having a team that is multicultural and representative of Toronto’s diversity, to make every community feel like their organization is part of their community.

They are in the process of developing and collaborating with other professionals and entrepreneurs to start urgent care centres, patient navigation services, physiotherapy/massage therapy/chiropractic clinics, pharmacies, imaging (X-ray & ultrasound) clinics & home care services under their organization.

Dr. Senthill Mohan Award

“Dr. Mohan has contributed to the development of highly qualified, dedicated doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals that work with him to provide various types of patient care, especially urgent care, for several thousand patients every month in his medical facilities.”

Dr. Senthill Mohan


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