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Volkswagen accidentally leaked a new name for its U.S. operations

Volkswagen accidentally leaked a new name for its U.S. operations

March 30, 2021:-On Monday, Volkswagen accidentally posted a press release on its website a month early announcing a new name for its U.S. operations, Volkswagen of America, emphasizing the German automaker’s electric vehicle efforts.

A person familiar with the plans of the company confirmed the authenticity of the release to CNBC. They asked to remain anonymous because the plans were not meant to be public yet.

The release was the change a “public declaration of the company’s future-forward investment in e-mobility.” Voltswagen will be the exterior badge on every EV model, with gas vehicles having the company’s signature VW emblem only.

To “preserve elements of Volkswagen’s heritage,” the release said the company planned to retain the dark blue color of the VW logo for gas-powered vehicles and use light blue to differentiate “the new, EV-centric branding.”

The release said Voltswagen of America would remain an operating unit of Volkswagen Group of America and a Volkswagen AG subsidiary, with headquarters in Herndon, Virginia.

Volts are the derived units for electric potential, also known as electromotive force, between two points. General Motors previously used Volt for a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle between 2010 and 2019.

The VW press release was incomplete, citing the need for an additional quote and photography from the automaker’s plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

A name change would be the latest EV news from Volkswagen, which earlier this month held a “Power Day” to discuss its EV technologies.

 It also announced goals of significantly increasing sales of EVs through the end of the decade. It expects above 70% of its Volkswagen brand’s European sales will be EVs by 2030, up from the last target of 35%. In the U.S. and China, it expects half of its sales to be EVs by the expected time.

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