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Warner Bros. Discovery's Max will add over 200 episodes of recent AMC Networks go for two months

August 29, 2023: Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max will add over 200 episodes of recent AMC Networks go for two months. The exhibition will run from on Friday through Halloween.

The move comes as media institutions look for ways to bolster streaming platforms as they work to become profitable. It also provides a bigger audience for AMC Networks’ revenue TV shows, even though the company has its streaming service, AMC+.

It will also add more programming to Max as the recent writers’ and actors’ strikes halt Hollywood production of TV shows and films.

“Subscribers turn to Max to find a serious and diverse selection of stories for the whole family,” stated Meredith Gertler, executive vice president of global content technique, planning, and analysis, in a news release. “The AMC+ show pop-up is an excellent example of how we can use creative techniques to add value to our content offering.”

The AMC shows offered on Max will be available to ad-supported and commercial-free subscribers at no additional cost. An “AMC+ Picks on Max” tab will be featured on the app.

The company’s marquee channel, AMC, has been known for hit shows such as “Mad Men,” “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead.” However, those shows will be unrestricted on something other than Max this fall.

The partnership will also allow consumers to view this AMC programming featured prominently on its service, AMC+. Fan favorite shows such as “Breaking Bad” and its spinoff, “Better Call Saul,” already have licensing agreements with Netflix, and seasons are featured there.

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