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For most people in the urban cities, 5G iPhone is the best choice but highly inaccessible for hardcore Apple fans. While iPhone 11 Pro is the latest of the lot, the flagship phone lacks the ultra-fast 5G technology, which is expected to redefine the way we communicate, work, and consume content on a day-to-day basis.

Recently, J.P. Morgan’s report stated that Apple was had planned to introduce four new models in 2020 with 5G capabilities. In this regard, DigiTimes reported that Apple has notified its suppliers to expect sales exceeding 100 million iPhones, hinting that the demand for iPhones will be enormous. While Apple sells several models at low price than earlier, the company is expected to follow a similar strategy to other manufacturers, pricing 5G devices more than the other models.

Below are the few features that will make way into the next iPhone:

Retro is back

The design of 2020 iPhone has been rumored to have a square edge form factor, very similar to the iconic iPhone 5. It is also speculated to be a scaled down version of iPad Pro.

TouchID Inlay

FaceID was not well received, mainly because there are a lot of applications that make good use of TouchID. While TouchID was not included in some of iPhone’s latest releases, the company is reportedly considering to use Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor which will work under-screen of the next iPhone.

Variety of Display Sizes

The current flagship from Apple, the iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with a 6.5-inch display form factor. The recent J.P. Morgan report highlighted that it expects Apple to increase the screen size to 6.7 inches. Pairing this information with other related leaks suggests that although the screen size may witness an increase, it may not affect iPhone’s overall form factor in terms of dimensions. While the overall Apple fans have been quite comfortable with iPhone’s screen size changes in the past, bigger screen option is always good for the consumer’s choice.

On the other end of the spectrum, J.P. Morgan’s report also suggests that the smallest iPhone variety will be made available in 5.4 inches, which surprisingly, half an inch smaller than iPhone 11 Pro model. If this speculation holds true, Apple might as well plan to introduce a lower-cost variant to its current line of product offerings. In both cases, it seems like Apple and its fanbase finally have new reasons to look forward to their next iPhone upgrade.

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