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Why Having a Diverse Team is Important for an Agile Leader

Why Having a Diverse Team is Important for an Agile Leader

In the highly unpredictable world we live in, most leaders who are successful are agile, sharp-witted, and intuitive. These pioneers are skilled at adapting and coping with speed and the constant changes all around us – changes to how we work, interact and produce results affected by the pandemic. And most of the changes that we see are either digitally accelerating or creating a politically unstable world.

Agile or proactive leaders know how to connect with their team, customers, and stakeholders. They also know how to adapt and connect with the trends in society that are shaping reality. In this regard, diverse teams can share a wide range of experiences and perspectives that ultimately lead to making more relevant decisions. In short, diversity drives better insights and decisions.

When it comes to being a more agile leader, you will find them coaching others and empower them to do a great job by collaborating with people across diverse areas. Newly elected President Joe Biden is an excellent example of a socially adept leader who can engage with others on a transformation journey.  Natural curiosity and compassion create strong personal connections between people who have a similar mindset and skill.  

You can also find a successful leader having a wide range of skill sets. They’re also good at multi-tasking, but that does not necessarily mean that every leader must work as a multi-tasker. Multi-tasking is a skill that requires a certain level of mutual respect and value from a dynamic and diverse team. However, the main idea is to play with our skill sets and strengths and recognize others’ contributions in achieving successful results.

Leaders play a crucial role in ensuring that a diverse team appreciates one another’s skills and strengths as team members. One way to make this happen is to involve the team explicitly in team discussions and decisions. Here, the quality of dialogue is paramount because good dialogue can measure the team’s sense of maturity and perception. High-quality dialogue can help solve problems better and make better decisions, based on the rich diversity of input that the team provides.

The greatest leaders are always curious. They either look for opportunities to learn, or they create one for themselves and others. As humans, we are all universally committed to learning, experimenting, failing, and trying again, and the loop repeats. We have conformed to this cycle because of our continually changing environment. And if we need improvement points, we ask our colleagues and peers for frequent feedback to improve our performances and finally feel satisfied with it. In a diverse team, this attitude can work wonders because experimenting and learning is the best way to attain the best outcomes, especially if you have a diverse group of dynamic people.  

On having enough experience and skillset, if you can build and lead a team with various skillsets and expertise, you can have a diverse team. As a leader, you will be better equipped to deal with the fast-pacing world on wheels along with your power team. Because no matter how loaded you are in terms of responsibilities and problems as a leader, change and complexity are here to stay.  

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