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Why you need to conduct shorter meetings at work

Why you need to conduct shorter meetings at work

All-hands meetings are regular, company-wide meetings held in the organization where employees assemble with leadership to discuss company matters, share business updates of the past month/season, drive alignment around the company’s vision and mission, honor company’s milestones, and give everyone in the company to clarify their concerns.

But why are short meetings valuable in an organization?

The all-hands meeting has the potential to bring your employees together in an outstanding way. It delivers a perspective on the state of the team and the organization levels. Many companies are likely facing the need to shift all their in-person events online for the next while, but keep in mind that running an all-hands meeting in a virtual space can provide as much impact as if you were sitting in the same room together. The key is glossing out all the wrinkles ahead.

Keep All-Hands Meetings Short and On-Time

In large companies, having every individual in the organization in one chamber can be daunting. This is why your aim should be to keep your all-hands meetings short and to the point and ensure they remain attentive and create a lasting impression on their attendees. In addition, you must start and end the meeting on time.

Aim for Interactivity

Staffers won’t be very engaged if the meetings simply involve someone standing at the front of the room and talking for an hour. Engaging the entire team is essential, so aim to pursue new ways to make the meetings more interactive and effective. Hold Q&A sessions and have live questionnaires and responses from your employees, and conduct inventive activities that keep the attendees engaged.

Share Successes and Opportunities for Growth

Celebrate the accomplishments of your employees, and recognize their progress and successes. Provide tips for growth and improvement. Ensure that people in the organization also have the chance to hear what others in the firm have learned and what hasn’t worked well for them. Share both success and challenges. Keep everyone in the firm informed of team-specific strategies and goals. The learning opportunities that were only attainable to a single team or leader should be opened up to the entire organization.

Ask for Feedback

Your meetings are pointless if the employees aren’t getting what you need out of them. Ensure that the meetings conducted are effective, and there is no better conception for that than employee feedback. Ask them what it is about the meeting they enjoyed and what can be improved for the next meeting. This not only creates an impact on the organization but also makes your employees feel respected and heard.

Executing all-hands meetings regularly can be the key to strengthening your organization, and now that you know how to better optimize your meetings and yield fruitful results from them, all that’s left to do is get all the hands-on deck and start planning for your next one.

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