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A Leader’s Resolution: Navigate your actions into being a better leader in 2021

A Leader’s Resolution: Navigate your actions into being a better leader

Post-pandemic, it’s common to think about life getting back its normalcy up and running. Jobs, industries, health, and making the right decisions have taken a heavy toll on almost all of us in this virus-crisis from the past one year. A turbulent year like this has certainly been unimaginable, but it has undoubtedly had our cores strengthened. People have been able to give more time to themselves, fortunate families are closer than ever, work from home is a dream come true, and the earth self-healed at least by a smidgen. While the grass is always greener on the bright side, embracing the side of trying, failure, attempts, thinking, and growing is essential to keep up with oneself and the world around. 

As for the leaders of today, times may have been a little platonic, but mostly manageable. Yet when you take a gander at renowned minds such as Ratan Tata, Elon Musk, and many more, we’re in awe, for they are as legendary as they’d been before the fall of this global pandemic. 

And as we welcome 2021, which is hopefully the start of a new time post-pandemic, it is necessary to have a plan—as existing leaders of the industry—and as growing leaders of this generation. Being a man with a plan hasn’t worked out quite well this year, neither will new year’s resolution of becoming a whole new version of yourself. But what if you made a leader’s resolution that lets you work on your existing skillset as a leader of an organization or a community? 

We’re in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and our leadership development regimes have never been more stagnant. The number of new and developing industries and startups is skyrocketing with thousands of setups being established, but there is always a problem of management and proper guidance that alarmingly needs the right attention. While you’ve come this far on this article, let’s head over to how a leader can navigate his/her actions into being a better leader in 2021, keeping in mind the global situation. 

  1. Keep up with trends.

If you want to be a leader who truly engages with the work he/she is doing, you must keep up with the trends that influence your organization, team, workplace, and yourself. Billions of dollars are being invested in leadership programs throughout the years, yet there still aren’t any massive changes in the regime. There have been macroeconomic shifts that have impacted the environment of the workplace, morale, and efficiency of the employers and leaders. What leadership programs don’t teach you are the trends you need to update yourself with. Consider it your homework to be on the lookout for trends that could blow your organization in the face and the trends that can boost your company’s worth. 

2. Sustain and apply knowledge

Over the years, leadership programs have had more of a one-and-done approach. They call upon valiant young individuals, allow them to undergo a series of seminars, tests, and theory-applications, and are sent back out into the world. But little do these newfound leaders realize that in real-time, we often don’t end up applying what we learn. It’s true. You may have attended a world-class program that can gear you up for any situation, but eventually, your attention is cut short because whatever is learned isn’t sustained enough for long. And that’s why it is the leader who is solely responsible to consistently apply what is being learned, even if the intended situations may not arise anytime soon. 

3. Become a Mobile Learning Millenial

From recent surveys, the average first-time managers are 30, which means that it’s not just the technology that is fast pacing; it’s also the fresh brains that help a company bloom in this fast pacing era. Young leaders and managers value their time and growth experiences, and so switching to digital, fast-paced means to learn on the go is the best viable option. You will not only save time, but you will also be able to improve and enhance your knowledge and skill anywhere, anytime. 

Leadership development regimes are essential to give a kick start to managers and CEOs of various organizations. As we move into a new year of possibilities and as leaders of today, let’s all do the best we can to make our organizations smooth, effective, and worthwhile by adding these small yet very effective changes into your leader’s resolution, and let us know your experiences in the comments section of this article. 

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