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Amazon was issued with an $887 million fine by the European privacy watchdog

Amazon was issued with an $887 million fine by the privacy watchdog

August 02, 2021: -Amazon has been issued with a fine of 746 million euros by a European privacy watchdog as they breached the bloc’s data protection laws.

On Friday, they were disclosed by Amazon in a securities filing that it was issued two weeks ago by the privacy regulator of Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg National Commission for Data Protection said that the processing of personal data of Amazon did not comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

It gave orders to Amazon to revise few undisclosed business practices.

Amazon denied that there had been any breach that would violate the GDPR rules.

“Maintaining the security of our customers’ information and their trust are top priorities,” a spokesperson of Amazon told CNBC.

“There has not been any data breach, and no customer data has been exposed to any third party,” they further said.

“These facts are undisputed. We strongly disagree with the CNPD’s ruling, and we intend to appeal. The decision relating to show customers relevant advertising relies on subjective and untested interpretations of European privacy law, and the proposed fine is entirely out of proportion with even that interpretation.”

Reportedly, CNPD’s investigation commenced in 2018 after French privacy rights group La Quadrature du Net filed a complaint against Amazon.

“It’s the

first step to see a fine that’s dissuasive, but we need to remain vigilant and see if the decision including an injunction to correct the infringing behavior,” he reportedly said.

Under the GDPR, Europe’s data protection watchdogs can fine companies by 4% of their global sales per year.

While the Amazon fine is in the hundreds of millions, it’s small in the grand scheme of things.

Amazon posted its third $100 billion quarter in a row on Thursday, with revenue growing by 27% year over year to $113.08 billion.

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