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Apple and Musk's Twitter are in a crash period

Apple and Musk's Twitter are in a crash period

November 28, 2022: Elon Musk has revealed big, albeit confusing, preparations for Twitter since he handled the social network last month.

Musk wants to increase the revenue the firm makes through subscriptions while extending the site to more “free speech,” which sometimes seems to mean restoring previously banned accounts such as the one owned by ex-president Donald Trump.

But Musk’s plans for Twitter could conflict with two huge tech companies, Apple and Google.

One of the most significant risks to Musk’s view of “Twitter 2.0” is the possibility that his transformation violates Apple or Google’s app rules, slows down the firm or even gets its software kicked from app stores.

Tensions are brewing. Musk complained in a tweet about app store fees that Google and Apple charge businesses such as Twitter.

“App store fees are too high because of the iOS/Android duopoly,” Musk said on Twitter. “It is a hidden 30% tax on the Internet,” he added.

In a follow-up post, he has tagged the Department of the antitrust division of Justice, which is reportedly analyzing app store rules.

His complaint is more than the 15% to 30% cut Apple and Google are taking from purchases made inside apps, eating into the desperately-needed revenue from Musk’s $8 per month from Twitter Blue subscriptions.

Over the weekend, Phil Schiller, the ex-head Apple marketing executive still seeing the App Store, is deleting his widely-followed Twitter handle with thousands of followers.

There are indications Twitter has seen an increase in lousy content since Musk then takes over, which puts the firm’s apps at risk. In October, shortly after Musk evolved “chief Twit,” a wave of online trolls and bigots overloaded the site with harmful speech and racist comments.

The trolls are organizing on 4chan and then coming into Twitter with anti-Black and Jewish epithets. The Nonprofit Network, Contagion Research Institute, stated that Twitter handles many accounts.

Musk’s plan to provide paid blue verification areas have also led to chaos and accounts which impersonate major corporations and figures, which have caused a lot of advertisers to go away from the social sites, in particular, Eli Lilly following a fake verified tweet erroneously state insulin would be given for free. The app stores noticed.

“And as I went the company, the calls from the app feedback teams had already started,” ex-head of trust and safety Yoel Roth wrote in the New York Times.

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