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Elon Musk is claiming Apple has threatened to get away with the Twitter app

Elon Musk is claiming Apple has threatened to get away with the Twitter app

November 30, 2022: On Monday, Twitter owner Elon Musk claimed that Apple threatened to eliminate the Twitter app related to the App Store as its review moderation process.

“Apple has threatened to withhold Twitter from its App Store without telling us why,” Musk stated.

In other tweets fired off on Monday, he is Apple’s App Store fees a “secret 30% tax” and is running a poll which asks if “Apple should publish all censorship acts it has taken that affect its consumers.” He also claimed that Apple had pulled most of its advertising from Twitter.

Apple’s App Store is the way to distribute software to iPhones. If the Twitter app pulls, the social network will lose one of its leading distribution platforms, although the service is available on the web.

Musk has said one of his ideas for Twitter is to increase billions of dollars from subscriptions, like Twitter Blue, offered through the iPhone app. If it were to increase to Musk’s goals, Apple collecting hundreds of millions of dollars. Additionally, Apple requires iPhone app makers to pay 15% and 30% of digital goods sold through their apps.

Apple faces challenges to its App Store payment and policies from firms like Spotify and Epic Games. Still, Musk is no stranger to attracting full attention and may represent Apple’s most significant challenge to its control more than iPhone app distribution so far.

But there are signs that Apple is viewing the social network to see if it violates the App Store policies.

Representatives for unnamed app stores, including Apple’s Store and Google Play for Android devices, reaching to Twitter earlier this month following21,k Musk took over, and the site experienced a wave of hate speech, the New York Times op-ed by Yoel Roth stated, Twitter’s ex-head of trust and safety.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s ex-chief marketer overseeing App Review, apparently deleted his Twitter account after Musk took over.

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