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Biden signs a temporary funding bill to prevent a government shutdown

Biden signs a temporary funding bill to prevent a government shutdown

October 4, 2021: -On Thursday, Congress avoided a government shutdown hours before funding would have lapsed.

Biden signed a short-term appropriations bill that will keep the government running through December 3. Washington had to beat a midnight Thursday deadline to prevent a shutdown of federal operations.

After he signed the measure, Biden says that it “meets critical and urgent needs of the nation.” He further said that “there’s so much more to do.”

The Senate and House are approving the funding legislation on Thursday. The Senate passed it in a 65-35 vote as the 50 Democrats backed it, and 15 Republicans joined them.

The House passed the bill by a 254-175 margin. The Democratic representative and 34 Republicans supported it.

The continuing resolution will set spending at current levels into December while lawmakers hash out a full-year funding plan. The legislation also includes the money for hurricane relief and the resettlement of Afghan refugees.

“This is a good outcome, one I’m happy we are getting done,” Schumer said before the Senate vote.

A shutdown of the government could have led to layoffs of federal workers and the suspension of certain services. A funding lapse could have posed particular challenges in U.S. efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic though the Biden administration has said a shutdown would have little effect on public health functions.

On Thursday, Congress was set to snuff out one possible crisis but has another looming. Lawmakers still need to produce or suspend the debt ceiling before October 18 to prevent a potential default on U.S. debt that would result in job losses, economic damage, and a drop in the stock market.

Democrats controlling both chambers of Congress have tried funding the government and suspend the debt ceiling as part of the same bill. Senate Republicans have blocked the legislation, even though extending the top doesn’t authorize new spending. Approval would let the Treasury cover its existing obligations.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., repeatedly said his party would vote for a funding bill without suspending the debt ceiling.

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