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Turning disruption into opportunity amidst this pandemic

Turning disruption into opportunity amidst this pandemic

The abrupt onset of the coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly shaken the world. Societies and economies have suffered the greatest blow as technology kept our lives together. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and destructive technologies, we could all perform specific tasks without settling for insanity. It was time for quick, decisive action and successful targeting during the crisis in the technological world. The pandemic has upset many companies in different industries and all parts of the world. With this misfortune came an unprecedented opportunity in the business world.

Leaders who thought the glass was half full will have faced the mishap, learned from it and turned it into extraordinary innovations. The idea is simple; you can either wait for things to happen or decide to accept the challenge and become active in the next course. You may lag behind the competition because proactive leaders would label their place as innovators while you wait.

So how can you turn disruption into an opportunity? Well, you can start with acts with compassion. Many fear their health and well-being due to the deadly virus and the havoc it reeks in these uncertain times. Therefore, it is crucial as a person and as a brand to show your team unwavering compassion and support. If they require some time off, be more flexible and considerate. Show generosity by providing people around you with everything they need to get back on track or keep going. Gestures like this show people that you really care, and this will be reflected in the work they do for you.

Accept the new normal and do not turn your back on remote working because it IS the new normal. Many companies have taken the route to remote working and need to continue to do so until the situation is brought under control. As a leader, this should be your time to prove your skills by managing teams and coordinating business functions from remote locations. Understand the capabilities of technologies as simple as video conferencing and shared networking platforms, and use them to your best advantage.

The pandemic is the right time to nurture new talents and see which of your team members can strengthen the lead. It is time to identify these talented people and develop their abilities. Listen to their ideas, invite them to meetings and help them draw up an action plan for their ideas.

If we are to talk about the supply chain sector, companies today are becoming stingy with their supply chain practices to avoid waste and excess inventory. This usually makes sense, but when times are uncertain like this pandemic, the question is, how well does your machine work according to the current weather? Update and create appropriate pandemic survival plans.

Challenges imposed by the pandemic are unique and are a real test of leadership. Remember that even if the situation relaxes a bit, things need to be under control until the final problem is dealt with. Those who take action, show compassion and have the courage to embrace new technologies become successful leaders who know how to innovate in the way it is maintained.

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