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Bleacher Report Class-Action Settlement to Pay $4.8 Million: How to File Claim

In a resolution to a class-action lawsuit, Bleacher Report, a prominent digital sports media platform, has agreed to a settlement valued at $4.8 million. The lawsuit alleged that Bleacher Report improperly shared customer data with third parties.

The lawsuit’s precise details remain undisclosed. However, it likely centered on claims that Bleacher Report violated user privacy by sharing personal information, such as names, email addresses, or browsing habits, without obtaining explicit consent from its customers. Such actions could potentially contravene data privacy regulations depending on the jurisdiction and the nature of the data collected.

While the settlement agreement finalizes the legal dispute, it does not constitute an admission of wrongdoing by Bleacher Report. The company has not issued a public statement regarding the specifics of the lawsuit or the settlement.

Individuals who believe they may be eligible to receive compensation from the settlement are encouraged to visit the designated claims website or contact the claims administrator for further details. The claims process typically involves submitting a claim form that verifies the individual’s status as a member of the certified class and their use of Bleacher Report’s platform during the relevant timeframe.

It is important to note that deadlines for filing claims are often established in class-action settlements. Therefore, those who believe they may be eligible should act promptly to ensure their claim is submitted within the designated timeframe.

This settlement underscores the growing importance of data privacy within the digital sphere. Consumers are increasingly aware of how their personal information is collected and used online. This case serves as a reminder for companies to prioritize data security and obtain clear and informed consent from users before sharing their personal information.

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