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Business Without A Higher Purpose Than Profit Is Pointless​

Business Without A Higher Purpose Than Profit Is Pointless​ | Beth Shaw

Beth Shaw

Founder of YogaFit Worldwide

Compassion, empathy, and sensitivity to the planet’s needs have continued to transform YogaFit in its 23 years of operating as the world’s largest yoga school. YogaFit’s vast Community Service program and outreach to disenfranchised populations in the form of good karma continue to propel the business forward. Beth Shaw, Founder, and CEO of YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide, has been deeply involved in the growth and evolution of YogaFit and has now spearheaded the organization’s movement into Corporate Wellness Webinars. Beth started YogaFit out of her car’s trunk and her living room in the early ‘90s. Today, YogaFit Training Systems has grown into the largest yoga teacher and mind-body education company in the world!

YogaFit Training Systems was born out of need. After attending several traditional yoga and mind-body teacher trainings, Beth saw a gap in the market for safe and accessible yoga. She developed a yoga method based on inclusiveness and is adaptable for Western bodies that sit all day. Her approach became so popular that others wanted to learn how to teach YogaFit-style yoga. So Beth set about creating a teacher training program for fitness professionals, mental health providers, and wellness workers. YogaFit has been training individuals worldwide for over 23 years, and pain points have shifted over the years. Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down yoga studios, gyms, recreation centers – all the places where people would go to take a yoga class or a yoga teacher training. YogaFit immediately made its online subscription classes free of charge to help those suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, and the trauma and loneliness created by COVID-19. “We converted the majority of our yoga teacher training program to a live, online format in response to COVID-19,” Shaw explains. “Our latest offering is in Corporate Wellness – holistic webinars taught live online offering employees mind-body techniques for managing stress and anxiety, enhancing brain health, relieving back pain, and improving sleep, among others. Participants in our Mental Health and 

Wellness Program will transform anxiety, foster dynamic personal growth, access THE most powerful mind medicine, and develop a more resilient, connected brain. One of the best things we can do as humans is to cultivate mental health and well-being in ourselves. Our Mental Health and Wellness Program will help people thrive – not just survive – in a stressful world.”

According to Beth, whose most recent book Healing Trauma with Yoga is topping the charts on Amazon, people need self-help tools now more than ever before. She states,”Obesity stats are rising, and people must take charge of their health to avoid further complications and life-threatening illness.” YogaFit has seminars, educational sessions, and trainings to help everyone look and, most importantly, FEEL BETTER! Beth believes that businesses must empower their staff to be healthy. YogaFit provides the way.

YogaFit has trained hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide in 23 years. The impact these teachers and enthusiasts have had on the world is unprecedented. YogaFit’s faculty of 75 Master Trainers consists of mental health professionals, doctors, respiratory therapists, addictionand recovery experts, and yoga therapists. “Chronic pain, nervous systems disorders, diabetes, heart disease, mental health challenges, and other wellness issues can be ameliorated with yoga, meditation, and other mind body tools,”according to Shaw. “Our students are working on yoga therapy protocols for many health conditions. Our graduates are required to present three or four protocols for mental health and lifestyle diseases.” Examples presented include fibromyalgia, PTSD, eating disorders, cancer, back pain, diabetes – the list goes on and on. While yoga may not be the cure for a disease, a yoga protocol specific for a condition can help offset pharmaceuticals’ impact, help a patient feel more comfortable physically, and reduce the stress and anxiety associated with the disease.

Beth’s latest project is a YogaLean 8-week Transformation Group, an online community of like-minded people that want to take charge of their lives and transform through yoga or other exercises, meditation, and other healthy lifestyle choices. “We recognize that now, more than ever, the world needs yoga. Stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues have dramatically increased during COVID-19,” says Beth. “We know that yoga and mind-body tools are a tremendous help for mitigating stress and empowering people to take charge of their health.”

To learn more about YogaFit’s programs for Corporate Wellness, visit

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YogaFit is now bringing self directed physical and mental health solutions to corporations in order to help employees manage stress, anxiety and depression. It is important that corporations help care for employee wellness during these troubling and uncertain times.

Beth Shaw

Founder of YogaFit Worldwide

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