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China’s Premier Li Qiang is aiming to mobilise Asia behind Beijing

March 31, 2023: Chinese Premier Li Qiang sought rallying Asian countries behind China in his initial public address to an international audience as premier.

On Wednesday, Li stated that China had acted “responsibly” as a big country and generally contributed to world peace.

His speech regarding 25 minutes at the Boao Forum for Asia did not put into China’s heightened issues with the U.S.

The annual conference, hosted by China, is seen by a few as the region’s reply to the World Economic Forum’s meeting of global leaders in a year in Davos, Switzerland.

Asia and all over the world are at the “corners” of history, Li said, while portraying China as a centre of stability.

He referred to China’s ruling Communist Party’s congressional meeting in the decline and its goal of “national rejuvenation”, which claims the country’s “great assistance” to the world was “rapid economic growth” and “social stability.”

Li confirmed as premier in March, stated that China’s development is going forward, bringing “strong momentum to Asia’s economic growth.”

On China’s domestic economic outlook, Li stated that the situation in March would be much better than in the initial two months of the year.

China reported January and February economic figures showing a modest recovery from the previous year’s Covid impact.

The country relaxed its border controls in January after nearly three years of strict Covid-zero conditions.

On Thursday, the new premier said that China would work to expand its domestic market and improve the business environment. He reiterated a government pledge to prevent systemic financial risks firmly.

According to state media, Li met with International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva in the forum.

This month, his speech comes as China went on a charm offensive to retain and attract investment from a foreign firm.

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