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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Trump encounters 30 criminal counts for record fraud in the New York accusation

April 3, 2023: Former President Donald Trump has been reaching out regarding 30 criminal charges related to alleged document fraud in the indictment issued opposite him by a New York grand jury, NBC reported on Friday.

The indictment, approved Thursday, remains sealed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

On Tuesday, Trump, the leading contender for the coming 2024 Republican presidential nomination, will be arraigned in Manhattan court.

At least part of the charge understood to be related to Trump’s refund of his fixer, Michael Cohen, for a $130,000 hush money payment is making star in pornography Stormy Daniels before the 2016 presidential election.

The Trump Organization is recording payments that Trump made to Cohen for that aim as “legal expenses.”

It is a misdemeanour under New York law to misclassify business expenses. That can evolve into a felony if done to cover up one more crime.

Daniels’s legal name is Stephanie Clifford, paid to keep silent regarding her claim that she had intercourse with Trump in 2006. He is refusing her account.

Trump is the first U.S. president, ex. or otherwise, to be charged in a criminal case.

This week, a Quinnipiac University poll found that most Americans believe that Trump should be disqualified from driving for the White House if he is accused of a crime.

However, no rule exists against Trump from pursuing the presidency while facing charges.

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