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Delivering Results Beyond Expectations | Oscar Palacios

Delivering Results Beyond Expectations | Oscar Palacios

Oscar Palacios

CEO of Seeking Supplier

Oscar Palacios incorporated Seeking Supplier to provide a solution (help them nearshore their product or redefine their supply chain delivering a lower case solution )to medium and large companies to have a true presence with local experts in the most developed manufactured regions in the world. The companies do not require to have the headcount or cost associated with having a global presence yet, enjoy the benefit of having sourcing and purchasing specialist with +20 years of experience that know how to deal with local manufacturers.

This differentiation initiated the journey of Seeking Supplier but required to offer an additional edge, which has the best country of source for every component and find an alternative for consumer products that require more than six different.

Understanding the customer and the supplier simultaneously is the biggest difference that Oscar and his team are offering.

Today they enjoy the possibility that they work with customers and suppliers on numerous projects because they learned to trust them. “They know we are helping them; our company earned their confidence with factual business implementations that created a true win-win situation for both,” says Oscar.

More than 90% of the projects Seeking Supplier initiated end up with a successful business case and an improved supply chain for their customers. That cannot be achieved unless  our expertise on “end-to-end supply chain integration” alongside perseverance and passion for driving results. “We found solutions for our customers that created a satisfaction for them as well as for us,” adds Oscar. “For our team is exciting when we see one of the products we have helped to change their supply chain and being nearshored in the retail floors.”

Overcoming Obstacles & Becoming a True Leader

According to the steadfast leader, the road is never easy, and they face continuous roadblocks, but they found ways to make it work. His leadership and creativity help each of the team members find the right answer to those roadblocks; he is constantly helping them get better and better, which improves the company’s performance, making them more efficient and helping them grow as professionals.

“He doesn’t see it, but he transformed us on daily basis; he is making us better for life. A true leader that changes lives,” says one of Oscar’s co-workers. Oscar is one top 100 Supply Chain professionals globally and has a background in sales and customer-oriented service. His focus on delivering results for customers, suppliers, and Seeking Supplier as an organization and professionals are what makes them successful with exponential growth year-over-year.

His ability to look for the customer’s satisfaction without forgetting the supplier and the team makes him a pioneer in this business. There is no consulting firm specialized in Supply Chain improvements with this approach.

His understanding of what a top executive or board requires from a results standpoint, with a financial mindset, provides Seeking Supplier a clear path to understand what is required to focus on delivering above customer expectations.   

Building A Company

It is pertinent to mention Seeking Supplier helps companies to identify their Strategic Partners with an easy Purchasing Process. Their expertise is on Global Sourcing.  Their approach is to provide a true Benchmark from different suppliers around the globe, with the easiest process for Customers. “You provide your requirements and needs, with our Global footprint WE will  find the potential suppliers with the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), the customer selects the strategic partner to work with.. Sourcing in Mexico, India, China and South Asia are the areas of our expertise.”

The company’s key technologies are based on processes. Oscar implemented a process based on the experience that their team and CEO have to deliver results. They want to call that a “bulletproof process” that will result if the customer follows. Alongside they use their global footprint to develop solutions to the customers with the best from every region of the world. Seeking Supplier solutions are not biased or narrowed onto specific areas; their process uses the best of every region of the world that will end up in a successful business case and improved supply chain for the customers.

According to Oscar, the supply chain has evolved drastically, and Seeking Supplier’s process has evolved twice as fast to provide a real solution to customers. “We differentiate from them with a proven process that delivers results. The process is focused on providing a successful business case to customers and suppliers, and we build long term relationships that way,” he adds. “The other differentiator is our global footprint that enables local experts that understand the culture, speaks the same language and knows-how to get solutions with the local mindset.”

So, the brilliant CEO pioneered a unique framework and helped the company work with private equity firms and market-leader companies in numerous phases or projects after an initial project that ended with improved results.

Serving Clients

As today’s supply chain gets chaotic, every company worldwide is witnessing increased raw materials, duties, tariffs, and logistics costs. These issues have a significant financial impact on these companies.

In the last 2 years, Seeking Supplier has implemented more than 35 projects for their customers in different industries, including Medical, Oil & Gas, Food Industry, Automotive, and consumer goods which is their area of expertise. These products are or will be in production in the upcoming months. “That is the reason why we said our process is proven; every single project represents a challenge on its own, but we have found a way to make it work in all these cases.”

Seeking Supplier has nearshored and improved the supply chain for an excess of USD 400 Million in the last 12 months. They will duplicate that amount next year and are creating jobs in America; they are making companies profitable again. And best, in 2022, they will not have a single retail floor in America without one of the products they have nearshored and improved their supply chain overall. “We do not find solutions or financial business cases. When we enabled new business relationships is with the idea of building long-term relationships,” explains Oscar. “At the time we start a relationship with a new customer, our goal is to earn their trust for them to hire us for multiple phases and kept us working with them for the long run.”

One of the proudest moments for Seeking Supplier is that they have customers with more than 20 projects that have worked for them. “We are achieving our main goal of earning their trust by providing solutions and answers. We can help any company to improve its supply chain. We are providing an end-to-end supply chain that improves their cost, with a better and engaged and strategic supply chain,” says Oscar. “Today we are helping companies to nearshore their supply chain, to relocate entire manufacturing operations to other countries, to manage Purchasing outsourced organziations for companies to use our resources and process and accelerate the results, to have resources in the ground in the biggest manufacturing hubs around the globe. We are providing solutions to our customers in different ways. That is why we can help any single company to reach their goal.”

Oscar Palacios Award

" I’m on a mission to create access to care for children with Autism. "

Oscar Palacios

CEO of Seeking Supplier

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