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Simply Intelligent | Robert Gottlander

Simply Intelligent | Robert Gottlander

Robert Gottlander

President & CEO of Neoss

With over forty years of dental industry experience, Dr. Robert Gottlander has a proven track record of developing and commercializing dental solutions. Throughout his career, Dr. Gottlander has been instrumental in founding partnerships between universities and private companies and has been the architect of research projects and educational programs aimed at boosting innovation in the dental implants and digital technology sectors.

He always strives for excellence, leading by example with a strong dedication to making life better for dental patients worldwide by improving today’s dental solutions to improve patient care.

After graduating from the University of Gothenburg School of Dentistry, Dr. Gottlander joined Nobel Biocare, holding several senior executive leadership roles. Throughout his 27-year tenure, he led the team that established clinical and educational concepts for modern dental implantology, co-developed and launched Procera, the world’s first successful CAD/CAM system, and developed new concepts combining implants and digital dentistry. Dr. Gottlander then joined Henry Schein, Inc., where, as Chief Marketing Officer of Global Dental, he led the global initiative as a strategic planner for prosthetic and implant solutions, guiding product offerings worldwide and creating commercial sales and marketing strategies.

Dr. Gottlander went on to serve the dental industry on a consulting basis. Dr. Gottlander has created numerous industry-university partnerships throughout his career, architecting research projects and educational programs to improve dental implant and digital technology innovation.

Serving as the President and CEO of Neoss, Dr. Gottlander has led the global dental implant company committed to designing intelligently simple solutions that provide reliable and cost-effective patient care with excellent long-term results. The Neoss brand is synonymous with innovation and quality, which underpin Neoss’s market-leading performance in 2020 despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark has been a big role model for Dr. Gottlander. His vision and the incredible impact his discovery of the osseointegration process has had on the field of medicine. Professor Brånemark who has enhanced the quality of life for millions of patients worldwide and forever changed the profession of dentistry and orthopedics. He was one of the most dedicated scientists and clinicians of the present time. His tireless devotion to exploring the unique relationship between titanium and bone has forever changed the practice of implant dentistry; it was always the patient’s well-being that drove him.

The Neoss Difference

Neoss has a lot of great products and solutions that they are building on and new products that they will be launching shortly. But it has been a very quiet and traditional company. Now, their focus has been on expanding the brand footprint by increasing their marketing efforts and how they do business. Dr. Gottlander and his team have started with redoing and upgrading their digital channels with the latest technology with a new ERP, CRM, webshop, and much more.

The innovative prosthetic platform they call NeossONE™ is a solution unique to the Neoss® Implant System – one prosthetic platform, across three implant ranges, including ALL implant diameters and abutments. Simply put, the same prosthetic components fit every implant.

The one prosthetic platform solution ensures seamless communication within the dental team. Less components reduce the inventory managed by both the dental practice and laboratory, and with less stock comes less confusion – particularly when all prosthetics fit every implant! As communication is improved, the likelihood of errors is drastically reduced within the dental office.

For dental technicians, the NeossONE™ solution offers an intelligent and simple solution with less inventory of components digital workflows supporting local production or central production for patient-specific solutions. This requires less effort and time to implement, gives maximum flexibility, and strengthens relationships with the clinician’s team.

The benefits of this solution for the whole dental team are unique to Neoss and a big competitive advantage. The product allows dental professionals to provide reliable and cost-effective treatments with predictable long-term results to their patients. Leading the market with ingenuity and integrity, they strive to set new standards. In developing smart treatment solutions and working closely with each practice, Neoss makes the complex less complicated. They call that Intelligent Simplicity.

By partnering with CareCapital, the company plans to accelerate the business’s long-term growth through astute customer service and intelligently simple innovation. CareCapital is globally known for exclusively investing in the highest growth segments in the dental industry. They provide financial support and have extreme knowledge of the dental business. Therefore, they understand Neoss’s goals and objectives and understand our direction.

Towards the Future

Neoss has many products and solutions unique to the market, all with the same goal—to make life easier for dental professionals and help them treat more patients better. In the end, they are in it for the patient, and with every case treated with their products and solutions, Neoss knows the patient will have a long-lasting solution and a better life.

The company’s biggest achievement has been rethinking every solution and always striving for continuous improvement. “We are not just happy to have great products. We want to make them better and easier to use,” says Dr. Gottlander. “I cannot go into product specifics, but a lot is coming. All I can say is, if you are in this industry you should not miss our 20 years celebration of Intelligent Simplicity. This is all happening in Gothenburg Sweden, the home of modern implantology and Prof. Per-Ingvar Brånemark, at Neoss Integrate 2022 from 9-11 June.”

This three-day conference will host +35 renowned speakers to discuss topics and techniques such as; prosthetic simplicity without compromise, simplicity in practice, managing risk factors, digital flexibility for company and their patients, and accurate simplicity in intraoral scanning. The program lectures and break-out sessions will showcase how organizations can bring efficient workflows into their daily practice. Integrate, Education, Solutions.

“Here for sure, you will for sure for the first-time experience some of our latest innovations.”

Building on its esteemed heritage in Gothenburg, the birthplace of modern dental implants, will be a strong part of Neoss. “We have our R&D and product development teams there which are in close collaboration with Gothenburg University,” says Dr. Gottlander. “This relationship and our location will help us grow our business and continues to innovate dentistry in order to improve patient care.”

Robert Gottlander Award

"Dr. Gottlander has created numerous industry-university partnerships throughout his career, architecting research projects and educational programs to improve dental implant and digital technology innovation. "

Robert Gottlander

President & CEO of Neoss

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