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Fostering Better Health | Bruce Foster

Fostering Better Health | Bruce Foster

Bruce Foster

CEO of New Teeth Now

For Bruce Foster, CEO at New Teeth Now, quality is essential, and he makes it a point to encourage his team to deliver consistent quality. There is no comparing New Teeth Now to competition since they are poles apart, but New Teeth Now houses some of the dynamic specialists who have years of experience in providing only the best care. “Regarding the New Teeth Now brand, something my team has developed with our surgeon-owners, that’s a unique approach because it built many years ago around an expertise that was already here compared to the Johnny come lately competitors,” explains Bruce. “I’m not saying New Teeth Now can’t be duplicated or scaled from within, but it’s not an easily duplicated model, and it is not what anyone else is doing. Our competitors operate a very different model.”

The pioneering leader makes it a point to keep as much as possible in-house. That includes surgical, follow-up care, restorative team, high-tech dental lab, and support services like the award-winning marketing team.

Whereas competitors outsource and can’t control the whole process and quality. “They do not have all the experienced team members to control all the aspects of the business versus just some of the aspects. That takes a lot of experience and a lot of work,” adds Bruce. “Because the information I need is within arm’s reach from my diverse team, there’s that sweet-spot balance of data-driven with natural gut instincts. That plays a big part in my leadership and executive decision making.”

Building A Brand

In marketing a unique service, for example, one can’t always follow experts who give everyone the same information. You have to see what works for the brand you’ve made and pay enough attention to double down when you visit the results. Similarly, New Teeth Now’s marketing is connected to all aspects and has an intimate relationship to all operations. That way, as the messengers, they have the most up-to-date information when developing the creative message and are sharing information—the whole patient experience matters. The people writing the ads and choosing how to connect with new patients know and have spent time with the real people who have lived and benefited from the New Teeth Now procedure. “That’s everything. This helps us understand our patients better and deliver on expectations at every level.”

That’s why Bruce and his team works so closely with dentists outside of their office, forging relationships, communicating, and educating. They have partnerships to discuss benefits for their patients and are also very open about their marketing and business practices and provide business consulting within the network and remain open to opportunities with new practices.

Becoming an Example

According to Bruce, supporting entrepreneurs is part of what makes this work. Surgeons, especially new surgeons, are a passionate breed and the steadfast leader only wants to work with the ones who are talented and know their stuff. Becoming an oral surgeon or a dentist will not give them the knowledge and business experience to become successful entrepreneurs.  

Understanding problems patients face and communicating possible solutions others do not know even exist. New Teeth Now’s surgeons have the unique expertise to treat

patients who have been told other practitioners can’t treat them. Rather than give up on difficult cases, their surgeons are committed to solutions and help. It’s about empathy and having the expertise to deliver, whereas the competition might not be able to.

A lot of competition in the industry will over-promise, giving a bad rap to institutions in general. Patients are surprised to meet New Teeth Now doctors and realize that they can offer treatment alternatives. “Our doctors know and constantly interact with our marketing team and are involved in communication with patients at multiple levels. While we work with others, we come prepared to big conversations with our own knowledge,” says Bruce. “Experts will have their advice ready for our industry, and we have real historical data to back up whether or not what they’re saying makes sense for us.”

The service provided at New Teeth Now comes with its share of challenges. Affordability, for one. They see patients from all walks of life who need new teeth, and the price hits them differently. They had a lot of volume early on, but it was low quality and unqualified volume. Many people will want the procedure for cosmetic reasons, and that’s not what New Teeth Now does, but rather they concentrate on the body’s health. “We’ve found ways to better qualify patients over the phone. That happens in the marketing and through patient education. We’re always working on that: measuring, refining, perfecting.”

Towards the Future

New Teeth Now has hit some major milestones, especially recently. It is being able to do multiple full mouth cases consistently every day and focus on helping as many patients as possible, understanding their capacity, and delivering on it without sacrificing the quality of care. “When you have the right mix of operations and marketing, you don’t make

changes just for momentum. Because everyone stays on the same page about how we connect with our patients, communication brings the right people into the chair. It’s not just about volume. That’s the secret to a more refined and high-quality traffic.”

New Teeth Now has a patient care focus, and as a result, they know the power of a referral from other practices and patients. Lately, they are taking an even more proactive approach to find new patients online. As New Teeth Now has become a multi-location brand, they have more opportunities to grow in new markets, which will provide greater convenience for patients who have to travel for quality care.

Speaking of growth, New Teeth Now services are becoming more available at a wider reach, with patients finding them nationally. Though currently only operating in one state, New Teeth Now has patients from all 50 states. “We have taken what has always been a business segment that only draws its patients locally to a remarkable business that draws in patients both nationally and internationally. Patients respond to consistent delivery of quality,” explains Bruce. “They now see us as the premiere destination for what we do. Having your house in order first and foremost, and keeping it that way, means that people will remember the experience positively and the word spreads on its own. That’s good brand awareness. That’s how to manage growth effectively.”

Bruce Foster Award

"Our doctors know and constantly interact with our marketing team and are involved in communication with patients at multiple levels. "

Bruce Foster

CEO of New Teeth Now

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