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Innovative Solution Provider | Anil Grandhi

Innovative Solution Provider | Anil Grandhi

Anil Grandhi

CEO & Founder of AG FinTax

Anil Grandhi (AG), CEO & Founder of AG FinTax, is forward-thinking and strategic. He is always ahead of the curve because he focuses on finding new and innovative solutions for clients and businesses. He has been hailed as a visionary who is always willing to take on a new challenge and drive toward new opportunities. According to both employees and clients, being friendly and very pleasant to work with adds up to his already pioneering personality. “I prioritize client satisfaction and work to create a supportive environment for my team. I am dedicated to making everyone I work with feel a sense of value and belonging.”

The steadfast leader has been a support system to the budding entrepreneurs who are out there trying hard to establish themselves. Through his drive, values, and strategic insights, he loves to inspire entrepreneurs at every stage—from those at the beginning stages to entrepreneurs that have already launched successful businesses. Acting as a real-life example for other business leaders and aspiring business leaders, sharing his valuable insights, and offering support and guidance, AG has been transforming the industry with his ideology. “A true entrepreneur can spot another entrepreneur because they share similar traits. If someone is truly committed to succeeding, they will see the importance of patience, resilience, focus, and a positive attitude.”

Leading the Company

“I prioritize my customers, take responsibility for large-scale and small-scale things that impact the company, and I work to be innovative each day,” AG says. “I believe it’s important to balance curiosity with confidence, and I regularly seek to learn new things about finance and business leadership. Overall, my driving mission behind AG FinTax is to make the tax process simpler for my customers.”

This straightforward approach is something AG also applies in his leadership style as he works to make the operations and everyday functioning of AG FinTax more efficient and effective. Customer satisfaction is the big picture driving the work AG does at AG FinTax, and he is dedicated to providing clients with reliable, helpful financial advice every day.

The team at AG FinTax takes an all-encompassing approach to business. They are constantly working to generate more brand awareness through marketing. From there, they find targeted leads and then follow up with those leads to convert them to clients. One of their distinguishing factors—and one that they cite in their marketing campaigns—is that they understand industry trends, are on top of the latest financial policy changes, and offer personalized help.

Building A Brand

Having worked with Fortune 500 companies for more than 15 years before starting the company, AG noticed the ways that bigger companies were equipped to manage their finances, specifically taxes, much better than small business owners. So, he started AG FinTax to bring those same financial “best practices” to small business owners. “We encourage our customers—many of whom are small business owners—to focus on the strategies (both financial and leadership) that their Fortune 100 company counterparts employ. My work at AG FinTax helps our clients achieve the type of growth and success that move their businesses from start-up to stable business and beyond.”

Supported by a professional team of CPAs, Chartered Accountants, MBAs and CMAs, Anil Grandhi offers advisory services always guided by the core values of integrity, accountability, client-first service and value addition.

Since the pandemic began, AG FinTax has worked especially hard to support those businesses suffering from the economic downturn. AG and his team helped many clients get the help they needed through Small Business Administration (SBA) loans and the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. Now that the PPP funds are exhausted, Grandhi and his team have shifted to helping PPP loan recipients achieve the maximum loan forgiveness possible.

They closely follow the economy and conduct extensive research on new processes, policies, and standards in the financial world to provide clients with the best financial advice possible. “This is what sets us apart from the competition. We implement new practices and understand new principles just as soon as they are made known, and many companies take months, sometimes years, to implement these.”

Some of the ways AG and his team have been assisting clients include:

  • Tax planning:Many people have difficulty figuring out tax savings. AG FinTax has helped many business owners save tens of thousands of dollars through effective tax planning strategies.
  • CFO Services:A simple expense and income report with a few infographics might have fulfilled your financial goals during the start-up phase, but your business is much more complex now. An expert CFO will design a refined and accurate report covering long- and short-term forecasting and analysis to give you and your stakeholders a clear picture of your current standing and the optimal path to continue.
  • Bookkeeping:Unless the books are maintained regularly and professionally, it’s hard to know the financial state and take appropriate action. AG FinTax has helped innumerable clients clean their books, establish processes, and implement them.

Towards the Future

AG FinTax is concerned with helping people more than anything else. When the entire world was caught up with COVID uncertainty and unsure of the future, AG FinTax stayed focused on how they could help.

During the pandemic, AG FinTax helped clients receive more than $300 million from various government relief programs because they took the time to understand, implement, and apply the newest and latest tax standards to their work. The number of people and businesses they were able to help was massive. “This strategy helped us both build trust with existing customers and show our value to a whole new list of leads,” says AG.

“We are extending our services to virtual CFO, M&A, fundraising, and Wealth Management apart from our current services of tax planning and compliances. In a deviation from the traditional way of doing things, we are in the process of integrating technology into bookkeeping and CFO services so we can empower our clients to make on-the-go, managerial decisions on a real-time basis.”

Anil Grandhi Award

“I prioritize client satisfaction and work to create a supportive environment for my team. I am dedicated to making everyone I work with feel a sense of value and belonging.”

Anil Grandhi

CEO & Founder of AG FinTax

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