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Fostering Growth and Success | Josef Gross

Josef Gross

Chief Executive Officer

Having a growth mindset is an advantageous trait for business leaders. It means believing that they can develop strengths and that learning, and progress are just as important as effort. Leaders with a growth mindset can learn from setbacks, avoid distractions, and make substantial gains through hard work and dedication. Josef Gross, the CEO of BBC Bircher Automation, has a growth mindset, which has aided him in taking the company to new heights.

Josef believes a growth mindset is crucial when leaders are trying to set the company’s culture. This is a huge undertaking, and a growth mindset can help see the big picture of how it will all come together. Owing to Josef’s growth mindset, he has been able to mentor others by talking about his challenges, opportunities, and failures. “My mentality has made me different where I am more concerned with the process than with the ultimate result. I like to develop my team into proactive, accountable, and motivated problem-solvers. I consider the company will develop and evolve as your staff does,” he states.

Josef is a very experienced leader with over 25 years of managerial experience in the industrial B2B area. He is a great communicator, and he encourages an open communication environment. Feedback, positive or negative, is always appreciated. The positive feedback helps the team to learn and copy successes.

In the case of the negative one, one can also learn to improve. Josef has a growth mindset, always looking for ways to overcome challenges, enabling and fostering a learning organization environment. The team is everything to Josef. Building it, developing it, utilizing support, trust, and delegation have always been the key things for Josef as a leader of any learning organization.

Creating Next-generation Leaders

Having amassed a wealth of experience, Josef has understood that productivity isn´t just about working harder. It’s about working smarter. One tried and tested strategy he incorporated is “prioritizing tasks based on impact rather than urgency.”

Josef has also learned the importance of fostering a culture of open communication. By promoting a transparent work environment, team members feel comfortable sharing their ideas, concerns, and feedback. This has not only increased productivity but has also fostered innovation. 

Furthermore, Josef prioritizes continuous learning. The company has initiated a series of workshops next to the development of individual training programs to ensure the team is always up to date with the latest tools and methodologies. By equipping the team with the proper knowledge and skills, they can execute tasks more efficiently and attain success. “For me, success wasn´t an endpoint but a continuous journey. While I saw significant milestones achieved within the first 6-12 months, I believe that every challenge, setback, and breakthrough, no matter how small, contributed to where I am today,” he explains.

Reflecting on Josef’s journey, a piece of advice to share is to “remain adaptable and open-minded.” The business environment is ever-evolving, and what worked yesterday may not work today. It is essential to remain agile, learn from both successes and failures and always be open to new ideas.

Another crucial lesson learned is “the importance of surrounding oneself with a supportive and skilled team.” No one achieves success in isolation. Building and nurturing strong relationships, both within and outside the organization, is instrumental in Josef’s journey. “Finally, let us emphasize the importance of “persistence and resilience.” Success often requires pushing through challenging times and learning from setbacks. Embrace each experience as a steppingstone, and remember that the journey, with all its ups and downs, is as valuable as the destination itself,” explains Josef.

Building A Great Company

BBC Bircher Automation stands for Progress and Sustainability. In the past 50 years, they have successfully evolved from a classic control cabinet builder into an advanced,fullsolution engineering company and a “smart cabinet builder”. The BBC Bircher Automation business is based on a solid foundation of values. The four core values that describe them as a service provider are courage, commitment, teamwork, and integrity.

The company, under the aegis of Josef, understands that open dialogue is a crucial success factor in the modern automation world, and therefore places great value on close collaboration with its customers, suppliers, and employees. Consultancy, project management, engineering, and control cabinet building in close collaboration with clients, they develop concepts for open and flexible solutions.

One of the biggest challenges in the industry is shortage of qualified labor force. To address this challenge, the company has a comprehensive training programs for employees at all levels combined with talent acquisition strategies. The other challenge is ever increasing pressure on shortening of lead times. As the customer also need to meet the same requirement from their customers, there is nothing but to comply by applying any measure enabling the shortening of lead times. This has been achieved by creative ordering of material, creation of “safety stock” for critical material used in assembly of BBC Bircher Automation’s solution and through a flexible and professional production planning. Last not least, its ever-increasing costs. To fight this challenge, BBC Bircher Automation introduced several cost saving initiatives, such as re-designing the solution to enable assembling of lower cost solutions or introduction of innovative procurement strategies. The company offers attractive pricing structures for client projects and works with local partners, logistics specialists, and material suppliers, therefore shortening the procurement channels.

BBC Bircher Automation’s mission is to provide an inspirational environment for proud, agile, and proactive employees who work to enable the long-term success of its customers and partners. “At BBC we are helping customers/partners continue their journey of success through installing a learning organization culture in the Company!” elucidates Josef. “Looking ahead, we are excited about expanding into new markets and developing next-generation solutions. With the dedication of the team and the trust of partners and customers, we are confident that BBC Bircher Automation will reach unprecedented heights.”

For Josef, training is undeniably essential for both a company and its employees, and it holds particular significance in addressing the shortage of qualified personnel, especially when tapping into the potential of young individuals. Training programs help employees acquire and enhance the specific skills required for their roles. In a field with a shortage of qualified personnel, investing in training ensures that the team is well-equipped to meet industry demands. Ongoing training keeps employees updated on the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices. This adaptability is crucial for staying competitive and responding to changing market dynamics. Well-trained employees tend to be more productive and efficient in their roles. This increased productivity can lead to cost savings and better overall business performance. “Well-trained employees give your company a competitive edge in the marketplace. Customers and clients are more likely to trust and choose a company with a skilled and knowledgeable workforce,” rationalizes Josef. “Ultimately, training contributes to the long-term success and sustainability of a company. It ensures that the organization remains agile, innovative, and capable of meeting industry challenges head-on.”

A Bright Future

One of BBC Bircher Automation’s essential services that significantly benefits their clients is the rapid delivery of digital twins using the industry-leading electrical design software called EPLAN. Digital twins are virtual representations of physical systems or products, and they have become invaluable in various industries for design, simulation, and maintenance. Josef and his team leverage EPLAN’s advanced capabilities to create digital twins swiftly and accurately. This efficiency saves the clients valuable time in the design and development phases, allowing them to bring products or systems to market faster. EPLAN is renowned for its precision in electrical design, ensuring that the digital twin accurately reflects the real-world system. This level of accuracy minimizes errors, reduces rework, and enhances the overall quality of the clients’ projects. This collaborative approach ensures that everyone is on the same page and can provide input throughout the design process. By streamlining the design and validation process, our services help clients save on project costs. Fewer errors and faster time-to-market translate to cost savings for BBC Bircher Automation’s clients. Digital twins created with EPLAN are not just for initial design; they provide a foundation for ongoing lifecycle management. In summary, BBC Bircher Automation’s ability to deliver digital twins swiftly and accurately through EPLAN empowers their clients with a competitive edge. They can optimize their product development processes, reduce costs, and ensure the long-term success of their projects.

EPLAN allows the company to quickly visualize and sketch preliminary concepts during the discussions, facilitating a shared understanding of the project’s scope. This iterative approach ensures that clients have ample opportunities to provide input and influence the direction of the project. EPLAN’s 3D modeling and simulation capabilities are instrumental in creating dynamic visualizations of concepts. Clients can explore these virtual representations to gain a deeper understanding of how the final product or system will function.

EPLAN offers real-time collaboration that enables clients and BBC Bircher Automation’s team to work together seamlessly, regardless of location. This promotes transparency and ensures that clients remain actively involved in the design process. BBC Bircher Automation can quickly generate prototypes using EPLAN’s designs, allowing clients to physically interact with concepts and assess their feasibility. This hands-on approach helps clients make informed decisions and refine their ideas. EPLAN’s robust documentation capabilities ensure that all concepts are well-documented for future reference. The flexibility of EPLAN also means that adjustments and modifications can be made efficiently as project requirements evolve. Throughout the process, BBC Bircher Automation’s priority is to maintain an open and client-centric approach. “EPLAN empowers us to respond swiftly to client requests, ensuring that their vision is at the forefront of concept development,” adds Josef. “In summary, EPLAN plays a pivotal role in our ability to develop open and flexible concepts with clients. Its capabilities enable us to foster collaboration, adapt to changing needs, and ultimately deliver solutions that align closely with our clients’ goals and aspirations.”

BBC Bircher Automation’s customers are successful international medium-sized businesses active in high-growth industrial segments with high business dynamics, so they search for flexible, dynamic experts in the field they trust to outsource fully. “At the start of the projects, we often receive rather general incomplete specifications and requirements, and because of our vast experience and expertise in project management, we deliver fantastic solutions on time, on cost, and with a smile, exceeding our customers’ expectations,” says Josef.

During the pandemic, BBC Bircher Automation worked on a strategic project with one of its long-term Partners, but the end customer finally canceled it. There was lost time, effort, and money invested on both sides and therefore, it took an effort to find the best way out of this challenge. After long and difficult negotiations, Josef and his team found a win/win solution, closing this project properly and professionally and, even more importantly, thanks to their creative solution and very “Partnership approach, we even negotiated with our Partner extension of another business opportunities,” adds Josef.

BBC Bircher Automation is active in its local community. It intends to intensify this, especially towards the young talents, through support of the local educational training programs in the high schools as well as offering internships, study programs, and summer jobs in our company. “I´d particularly like to state the incredible dedication and resilience of our team at BBC Bircher Automation. Throughout the pandemic, our team adapted, innovated, and pushed boundaries to ensure that we continued to serve our clients effectively, even in the most challenging circumstances,” says Josef. “I genuinely believe that the best days for BBC Bircher Automation, and the industries we serve, are still ahead.”

" Looking ahead, we are excited about expanding into new markets and developing next-generation solutions. With the dedication of the team and the trust of partners and customers, we are confident that BBC Bircher Automation will reach unprecedented heights. "

Josef Gross

Chief Executive Officer

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