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Leading with Perseverance | Alin Ioanes

Alin Ioanes


Alin Ioanes, CEO of SC Rombat SA, is a leader who inspires and motivates employees, creating a positive and high-performance culture within the organization. Essential for him is to possess strong leadership skills, provide guidance, set expectations, and empower the teams to excel. Communication is a crucial aspect of Alin’s approach; he cares a lot about communication in all its aspects, especially when he needs to articulate his vision and engage stakeholders at all levels. “Other ability that I consider essential is the power to make timely and informed decisions, even in the face of ambiguity. In the current VUCA environment, is vital to take calculated risks, to drive innovation, to seize opportunities, and lead the organization towards growth and transformation,” he says.

The present industry is transforming continuously. Alin makes it his mission to embrace emerging technologies and agility in responding to market dynamics, inspiring confidence, and leading the organization through adversity. Having recognized the importance of ongoing learning and development, Alin has been promoting a culture of learning within the company and is encouraging employees to develop their skills.

According to the steadfast leader, all team members must stay informed about industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies to invest in their growth. The ability to interact with various stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, customers, partners, and regulatory bodies, has been crucial for the current times. Building strong relationships, managing expectations, and effectively addressing needs is vital for organizational success.

Becoming A Leader

One important lesson that has significantly impacted the life and career for Alin is the power of perseverance. Alin believes the journey toward success is often filled with challenges, setbacks, and obstacles, and it’s easy to become discouraged and tempted to give up when faced with difficulties. However, those who persevere through adversity and stay committed to their goals have a higher chance of achieving long-term success. Perseverance means staying determined and resilient in the face of obstacles. It involves embracing failure as an opportunity for growth and learning from mistakes.

“When you encounter setbacks or face difficult situations, it’s important to maintain a positive mindset and keep pushing forward,” he explains. “Perseverance is crucial because it sets an example for others. As a leader, my ability to persevere and overcome challenges inspires and motivates my team to do the same. It demonstrates resilience and a commitment to achieving goals even in the face of adversity. Perseverance helps me to navigate through tough times, failures, or slow progress. It enables me to maintain focus on my long-term objectives and stay motivated even when immediate results are not forthcoming.”

He strongly advises everyone to remember that success rarely comes overnight. It is often the result of consistent effort, resilience, and determination. By embracing perseverance as a guiding principle in life and career, one can increase their chances of achieving their goals and making a positive impact.

Building A Great Company

ROMBAT’s mission was created using the Golden Circle concept. The Golden Circle theory explains how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust, and change in a business based on Simon Sinek’s research into how the most successful organizations think, act, and communicate if they start with why. ROMBAT understood that its purpose in the economy is to produce and bring to the market batteries to be used by people or companies, in safe conditions, at the highest technical standards. Whether it’s about lead-acid or Lithium-Ion batteries, the ROMBAT team always focuses on development and research, both from a technical point of view and for aspects related to customer service.

Alin and his team are concerned with research and development; they also look at industries other than automotive. ROMBAT is constantly evolving and is always looking for solutions, thinking, and acting for the future. The company is the leader of the national battery market and the only brand of batteries manufactured in Romania, being part of a strong international group. ROMBAT is a brand with Romanian roots that serves the entire country, also having a significant global presence. Thus, the ROMBAT battery operates vehicles in over 30 countries on four continents because the team’s performances are also appreciated outside Romania’s borders.

For the near future, the company is looking to new market opportunities and are trying to expand its operations into new regions; they are going to launch new products and, why not, make strategic acquisitions and partnerships. “We are focused on developing a strong leadership team and nurturing talent within the organization. Developing a capable and motivated workforce is essential for long-term success, and for this reason, our internal program of mentoring, leadership, and succession plan is considered highly important,” adds Alin.

Alin leads by example and considers that making himself meaningful will directly impact others. “In other words, for me personally, the positive contributions that I have made, or the influence I would like to have on our employees, clients, partners, and community are critical for the success of the business,” elucidates Alin. “I will continue to be focused on the people I serve, both from a professional and personal perspective. I will continue to be involved in programs to give clear career progression to employees. Succession plans and career progression projects will have a significant impact on the professional evolution of my colleagues. At the same time, we developed many CSR programs, and we involve our colleagues in this area, as well.”

For Alin as a leader, one of the things that he finds essential for a sustainable future is the opportunities that the employees’ jobs give their families. The company pays a fair wage and shares the wealth when things are good, allowing its employees to support their families, provide opportunities for their children and otherwise improve their lives. “Medical services for the entire family, a new project for a kindergarten, access to cultural events, special training for employees’ children, Rombat marathon. We support their development on multiple levels: health, culture, education, sport,” adds Alin. “We aim to remain the leader in our industry, incorporating more innovation, more disruptive concepts in our portfolio. Last but not least, we want to be the first option when it comes to the decision to work in a company.”

" In the current VUCA environment, is vital to take calculated risks, to drive innovation, to seize opportunities, and lead the organization towards growth and transformation. "

Alin Ioanes


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