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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Hollow Nanoparticles Linked by DNA Create Unusually Strong Materials

Researchers have developed a new material made from hollow nanoparticles linked by DNA. The material is surprisingly strong, even though its components are very small.

The researchers started with metal nanoparticles such as gold and platinum to create the material. They then used DNA to link the nanoparticles together in a specific pattern. The resulting material is a porous network of nanoparticles that is very strong and stiff.

The researchers tested the strength of the material by subjecting it to various stresses. They found that the material was stronger than conventional materials made from similar materials, such as nickel. For example, the material could withstand ten times as much pressure as a nickel-based material made from solid nanoparticles.

The researchers believe the material’s strength is due to its unique structure. The porous network of nanoparticles allows the material to distribute stress more evenly, which prevents it from breaking.

The material could have a number of potential applications. For example, it could make lightweight and strong aircraft components, medical implants, and other devices.

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