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Kyocera Acquires Bliley Assets to Strengthen Position in Aerospace and Defense Markets

Kyocera Corporation, a global leader in advanced electronic components, has announced the acquisition of the assets of Bliley Technologies, a leading provider of low-noise frequency control products for the aerospace and defense industries.

The acquisition will bring Bliley’s expertise in crystal oscillators, voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (VCXOs), and other precision timing technologies under the Kyocera umbrella. This will allow Kyocera to offer its customers a more comprehensive range of frequency control solutions in the demanding aerospace and defense markets.

Kyocera is particularly interested in Bliley’s expertise in space-qualified frequency control products. Bliley has a long history of supplying frequency control products for satellites and other space-based applications. This expertise will be valuable to Kyocera as it seeks to expand its presence in the growing space market.

The acquisition is also expected to strengthen Kyocera’s position in the commercial aerospace market. Bliley has a strong record of supplying frequency control products for commercial aircraft and avionics systems. Kyocera is well-positioned to leverage this expertise to meet the growing demand for frequency control products in the commercial aerospace market.

“We are excited to acquire the assets of Bliley Technologies,” said Kio Ariumi, Senior Vice President of Operational Integrations at Kyocera AVX Components Corporation (Erie). “Bliley’s expertise in precision timing technologies and its space heritage will be a valuable asset to Kyocera. We are committed to investing in Bliley’s operations and expanding its product portfolio to meet the growing needs of our customers in the aerospace and defense markets.”

The acquisition of Bliley’s assets is a significant strategic move for Kyocera. It reinforces Kyocera’s commitment to the aerospace and defense markets and positions the company to capitalize on the growing demand for frequency control products.

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