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Knowledge, Content & Expertise | Rajeev Kapur

Rajeev Kapur

President and CEO, 1105 Media

Rajeev Kapur’s leadership has had a profound impact on 1105 Media’s growth. Always willing to listen but never shy about making a decision, the President and CEO describes his management style as “chasing greatness,” where in this case “great” is an acronym for:

G – Gratitude every day for what the team accomplishes

R – Resilience of the business and the ability to bend without breaking

E – Empathy to accept mistakes, but also to use them for learning opportunities that lead to innovation

A – Accountability that paves the way to constant improvement

T – Transparency with employees and customers alike

Rajeev believes these core ideals form the North Star of leadership that leads to growth, firmly rooted in the ability to listen and focus on a broader world culture and move forward as a unified entity.

According to Rajeev, the biggest pain point for his organization today is COVID. “Through the last year, 1105 has successfully navigated businesses through COVID through a tremendous effort by all our employees. Despite

having 97 percent of our staff working from home, 2020 ended up being one of the best years for the company from a bottom-line perspective.” Their success amid a global crisis was achieved by working closely with customers and adapting to the new pandemic world’s shifting needs. For example, what would have been a 500-person face-to-face event has now become a 5,000-person online virtual summit.

While the uptick in attendance is great, people naturally aren’t going to be as enthused about an online course as a multi-day in-person event. 1105 has bridged that gap by adjusting the way customers engage while delivering top-notch, high-quality content in new and dynamic ways so that every minute of education is time well-spent. These engaging summits have been a big hit with businesses throughout the past year, to the point that 1105 will likely incorporate both styles of events even after the pandemic ends.

Businesses have come to rely on 1105, quite simply, because it delivers. “We’re able to deliver due to our database, properties and content carefully built up over the years. More than that, the company’s success can be attributed to an underlying philosophy called “The Four ‘Cs’”: Content creates Community, which then creates Commerce, which then turns into Cash,” explains Rajeev. “Every step of this philosophy – a proven philosophy of success – begins with a focus on the customer’s needs, and 1105 deeply respects that fact. It’s in the company’s tagline: Your Growth. Our Business.”

If, for example, someone was to visit an analytics software company’s page every day for more than 10 seconds each time while clicking through to the deeper pages, that behavior says something. The algorithm could assess this information – and a great deal more data generally referred to as “signals” – to conclude what the customer’s intention is, opening the door to intent-based marketing campaigns.

It’s a brand-agnostic approach that doesn’t look at any particular software but instead focuses on educating teams on creating a data lake. This means in-depth training on the right processes for data governance and the latest and greatest in data management and whatever that might entail. Currently, data visualization is very popular. So TDWI is training enterprise employees on how to implement visualization properly, get a team up to speed, etc. Pre-COVID this was done through a series of on-site training and face-to-face events, but these days it’s chiefly through virtual e-learning classes.

In one case, a leading analytics platform company came to TDWI to increase its reach and engagement with data-makers. This company wanted to grow its thought leadership position through meaningful discussions with executives and drive qualified opportunities into the pipeline. Quality was all-important on this project. To fulfill these goals, TDWI put together a virtual event sponsorship opportunity. This provided a speaking opportunity, guaranteed meetings with qualified decision-makers, and a round table with data leaders. Essentially, it was a turnkey solution, and it proved to be a complete success. Meaningful engagements were secured with more than 100 qualified decision-makers, and eight large enterprise opportunities were quickly added to the pipeline. The results far surpassed what the client expected.

1105 has consistently been on the cutting-edge of content that reflects what’s happening in the marketplaces it serves. The company continues to innovate on content and content delivery and stays on top of all the latest marketplace trends. In this way, 1105 helps shape what’s important for companies and what to implement in their businesses. It all comes down to amazing content generation by amazing people.

In the long run, the plan is for the agency to provide offerings such as media buying, search engine optimization, social media and more, through a highly targeted, B2B approach that fits 1105’s niche markets.1105 is also looking to leverage the GSA program to go beyond supporting government buyers and work more directly with the government itself, with an eye to additional B2G and G2B marketing services projects. According to Rajeev, once COVID has settled down and in-person events return, the company will have to consider how to keep the best of its successful virtual operations while also returning to the face-to-face side of the business. “One way may be expanding the new B2B podcasting footprint the company has launched to great success over the last year, to provide more opportunities for micro-learning,” says Rajeev.

“1105 has consistently been on the cutting-edge of content that reflects what’s happening in the marketplaces it serves.”

Rajeev Kapur

President and CEO, 1105 Media

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