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Personalized & Professional Security Services

Personalized & Professional Security Services | Nils Welin

Nils Welin

Founder and CEO of ProGuard Security Services

Safety is one of the rudimentary, evolutionary needs. Most of human choices and actions are based on sustaining or enhancing the circumstances. While we may not be in continuous danger like early man, we are no less driven by the requirement for safety for us and our near and dear ones. More than two decades ago, Nils Welin noticed that the contract security market was underserved in providing
quality services. Small companies aided the market without the proper resources, and large national/international companies without a sole. He decided to incorporate ProGuard Security Services that fills the void between small resource-strapped companies and the big box companies that provide a one-size-fits-all approach. “Our customized white glove solution is in demand,” says Nils. “As a service provider within the security field, accuracy is the number one priority. Through employee engagement and thought leadership, Nils transforms each employee into an ambassador for the company.”

For Nils, SaaS stands for Security As A Service. “We put Service back into the concept of security. Our service will allow the customer to focus on their core business and leave the management and supervision of security to us,” says Nils, whose primary focus is on Operational Excellence. ProGuard is focused on removing the friction that the customer experience from underperforming security officers. “Our transparent approach to the delivery of service gives allows us to develop a high level of trust between the company and the clients.”

ProGuard has been successfully competing against large international companies, because they are a smaller regional company focused solely on the client’s specific needs. “We get excited when we gain a new client, large or small. We take each success or failure personally and build or learn from it. We do NOT take our clients for granted, in the contrary, we earn their business every day – and the client notice that difference,” says Nils.

As a security company, ProGuard’s service is to provide a deterrent at their client’s sites. The deterrent comes with visibility and engagement, along with hiring and training motivated employees. In an instance, recently one of ProGuard’s onsite team was faced with an extensive problem of homelessness. To address the loitering and trash build-up problem, they engaged the individuals in a dialogue to find out how they could be of help. The team collected donations in the form of clothes and other items that could help the homeless. The team themselves donated items, and the client saw the positive impact and joined in the donation effort.

ProGuard’s security approach allows the client to focus on their core business instead of spending time managing the security team, leading to enhanced ROI—through the prevention of property and personal crimes. ProGuard’s high level of onsite customer service also enhances the tenant’s and visitors’ experience at the site and creates a better visitor/tenant experience.

ProGuard evaluates and implements technology that will enhance its services and accuracy/quality as a technology-driven company. One of the company’s technology initiatives is AI-enhanced remote video surveillance. The AI video surveillance allows ProGuard to add a second layer of security to an operation and cut the overall security budget for specific clients. “We will continue to build out our capacity in this field as security needs to be enhance for the client,” adds Nils.

It is a known fact that the security industry varies between different markets and countries, and industry’s status varies drastically between different countries ranging from a middle-class career to a low-level job. The US market varies as well between different states and markets, but it is in the middle of the range compared to other countries. “Our focus is to bring security to a reputable career with sustainable wages and compensation and career paths within the company,” says the steadfast leader. “We work with clients that appreciate the level of quality ProGuard provides and understand the importance to provide wage scales and benefits packages that compete for the best suited and qualified individuals.”

During the present pandemic, security services were classified as essential services by local and state regulators. ProGuard clients are dependent on the fact that they can continue to deliver their services through the pandemic. “For us to stay open and continue to provide services to our clients, we took steps early on within the company to prevent the spread of the virus and to keep our employees and families safe,” explains Nils. “Already back in January of 2020, we had conversations with our client regarding the news coming out about COVID. Even though many of our clients did not see that COVID would have an impact on their business in January 2020, we maintained our dialogue with our clients and planed for the even that it would turn into a worldwide pandemic.” Nils adds, “As many other companies, we are more flexible in where our employees work. Since the company has been online with all our functions for years, the transitions for our remote work force were very seamless and did not have any operational impact.”

For the days to come, the company will continue to educate its employees on how to stay safe. “Our focus is to provide opportunities for employees. We have built a company that is focused on taking our employees to their next level by giving them the right training, development, support and tools to reach their peak performance,” says Nils. “Through the focus on our employees, we are able to provide a superior service in the field by having engaged and trained security officers.” 

“Through employee engagement and thought leadership, Nils transforms each employee into an ambassador for the company.”

Nils Welin

Founder and CEO of ProGuard Security Services

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