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Longi Unveils 630W HPBC Solar Modules with 23.3% Efficiency

Chinese solar panel manufacturer Longi has unveiled a groundbreaking advancement in photovoltaic technology with the introduction of its Hi-MO X6 Scientist series. These next-generation panels boast an impressive power output of 630 watts (W) and a remarkable conversion efficiency of 23.3%, solidifying Longi’s position at the forefront of solar panel innovation.

The Hi-MO X6 Scientist series leverages Longi’s proprietary hybrid passivated back contact (HPBC) cell technology. While the specifics of HPBC remain under wraps, industry experts believe it to be an evolution of p-type interdigitated back-contact (IBC) technology. This technology offers a unique combination of structural advantages inherent to PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) and TOPCon (Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact) cells, alongside compatibility with p-type wafers—a technology where Longi possesses substantial production capacity.

The impressive power output of 630 W signifies a significant leap forward compared to the industry standard for high-efficiency solar panels. This translates to increased power generation per unit area, ultimately leading to cost savings for large-scale solar projects. The enhanced efficiency of 23.3% implies a greater conversion rate of sunlight into electricity, further maximizing energy production from solar installations.

Longi has yet to disclose the specific details regarding the availability of the various power output and efficiency configurations within the Hi-MO X6 Scientist series. The initial announcement highlights three potential options, ranging from 620 W to 630 W in power output and 23.0% to 23.3% in efficiency. This flexibility caters to the diverse needs of project developers and installers.

Introducing the Hi-MO X6 Scientist series underscores the ongoing advancements in solar panel technology. Longi’s commitment to research and development paves the way for increased efficiency and power output, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective solar energy future. The industry eagerly awaits further details about the Hi-MO X6 Scientist series, particularly regarding its pricing and large-scale deployment plans. The success of these panels will be closely monitored to assess their impact on the broader solar energy landscape.

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