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Royal Caribbean Introduces Loyalty Status Match Program

Royal Caribbean Group (RCG), a leading cruise line operator encompassing Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, and Silversea, has introduced a groundbreaking initiative within the cruise industry. The Loyalty Status Match program grants reciprocal loyalty tier status to members across all three RCG brands. This move signifies a strategic effort to enhance customer loyalty and encourage exploration within the company’s diverse cruise offerings.

Previously, loyalty programs for Royal Caribbean International’s Crown & Anchor Society, Celebrity Cruises’ Captain’s Club, and Silversea’s Venetian Society operated independently. Members earned and maintained status with a specific brand based on their sailing history. The Loyalty Status Match eliminates these boundaries, allowing members to leverage their existing status for benefits regardless of the RCG brand they choose to sail with.

For instance, a Silversea’s Venetian Society member with a significant number of accumulated “VS Days” can now enjoy equivalent status on a forthcoming Celebrity Cruises voyage. This translates into perks such as priority boarding, onboard spending credits, and exclusive event invitations typically reserved for higher-tier members within Celebrity Cruises’ Captain’s Club.

The Loyalty Status Match is expected to incentivize members to explore different cruise experiences under the RCG umbrella. Members with a fondness for Royal Caribbean International’s adventurous itineraries might now consider the refined elegance offered by Celebrity Cruises. Conversely, those accustomed to Silversea’s ultra-luxury voyages could discover the exceptional service and diverse destinations available on Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruises.

This program positions RCG at the forefront of customer loyalty innovation within the cruise industry. By streamlining loyalty benefits across its brands, RCG fosters a more holistic customer experience and caters to a broader spectrum of traveler preferences. The success of the Loyalty Status Match will likely be gauged by its ability to increase brand exploration, enhance customer retention, and ultimately drive bookings across all three RCG brands.

The implementation of the Loyalty Status Match program commences with sailings departing on June 5, 2024. Members are encouraged to contact their respective loyalty program for details on status-matching procedures and to unlock the potential for a wider world of cruise exploration under the Royal Caribbean Group banner.

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