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World Energy Council CEO says the green change will not be resolved, and we'll require natural gas

April 4, 2023: The planet is at a significant crossroads when meeting climate-related goals.

Discussions about mitigating the effects of climate change are closely tied to the energy transition, a plan to transfer from fossil fuels to management in which renewables to overall.

It’s difficult to predict the way the transition will pan out, given that it depends on a complicated combination of factors, like technology, finance and international cooperation.

The topic was discussed on the panel.

“We need to get electrification going faster,” stated Angela Wilkinson, the secretary general and CEO of the World Energy Council based in London.

“We want it to be more empowered electrification,” she added before acknowledging that much work will be needed.

“We can’t let to be perfect be the enemy of the good in this. To get renewables scales, we’re going to have other clean energy the peers in the mix; we’re taking off to have to build multiple clean energy bridges.”

“We’re going to have to have hydrogen is releasing, we’re going to have to have gas with CCUS [capture of carbon, utilization and storage] lifting, we’re going to have to have collage strengthening going on,” Wilkinson said.

Utilizing gas as a “transition” fuel bridging the gap from a world with the domination by fossil fuels to one where renews are in the majority is not new and has been the source to heat debate for a while now.

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