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4 police officers shot a protest at St. Louis

4 police officers shot a protest at St. Louis

June 2, 2020: The police chief confirmed early morning that four of their police officers are shot during the protest where the police were just standing on the police line during the protest. The chief also confirmed that two of the police officers were shot on the leg, one of the foot and other police officers is shot on the arm.

As we hear gunfire all over the city, the police are not sure how to control the protestors as any action against protestors would lead to violence and they are just trying their best to control the situation.

It was also said the gun firing was in Richmond as well as Las Vegas early this morning. It was said all the 4 officers were conscious and breathing while taken to the hospital. It was 12.25 AM and there was heavy gunfire from several directions downtown.

“We had to protect our headquarters building, they were throwing fireworks on officers, fireworks were exploding on officers, they had officers that had gas poured on them….Mr. [George] Floyd was killed somewhere else and they’re tearing up cities all across the country,” Hayden said.

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