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Man killed by police as protestors take on Louisville

Man killed by police as protestors take on Louisville

June 2, 2020: It 11.48pm and protestors were taking on Louisville and the officers state that the protestors open fire against police when they tried to control the crowd and in return the officers opened the fire and the man killed. It happened when they continued to protest over the death of Taylor with George Floyd’s death last week.

David McAtee is the man identified by the family and they tries to make a statement where they just came to the basement to stay away from the crowd. The situation is not still clear and the governor and police department have asked for video footage to check on the scene and report accordingly.

“I’m not asking people to trust our account (of what happened). I want to see the video for ourselves,” Beshear said.

The station reports 40 people were arrested during the protest last night in Louisville.

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