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Myles Peacock

Myles Peacock | Creative Content Creation

Creative Content Creation

Myles Peacock is the CEO of CreativeDrive, a global leader and trailblazer of high-performance content creation and the biggest creative production studio network in the world, offering end-to-end content solutions at scale for leading global brands beyond multiple industry sectors.

Myles has been steering CreativeDrive’s global executive team tactics, client service, performance offerings and growth policy, overseeing a collective of world-class creators, makers and producers that include an international team of over 1,000+ filmmakers, motion graphic designers, photographers, app developers, composers, and software engineers. CreativeDrive is dedicated to their cutting-edge, proprietary cloud-based technology platform that connects the 150 studios that sit across the US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Myles believes in continuous learning and refinement of their existing processes. He continuously seeks ways to simplify the content creation cycle and reduce production costs, while also dedicated to producing creatives of the highest caliber.

CreativeDrive is a global, independent creative and content creation company with an interconnected, borderless team of best-in-class talent. They strongly position ourselves as a new model to the status quo and co-create content directly with brands at the scale to meet consumer demand, empower human connections and drive business and sales forward. Their approach is best summed up in “the attainable square.” Traditionally, clients have had to choose two of these three: speed, quality and cost (the unattainable triangle). With CreativeDrive, clients really can have all three, plus one more important piece: the ability to future-proof their content for tomorrow’s consumer experience. That’s why they are continuously reimagining, evolving and enhancing the content creation cycle from the creative process (ideation & planning); to content creation (solutions based on a company’s needs, budget and timeline); to execution (content management tools to organize, replicate, translate and optimize across channels.) By producing content at scale, CreativeDrive can help provide consumers with the exact content they’re looking for, whenever and wherever they’re searching for it, which is a major goal for retailers and brands. They are also capitalizing on technological innovation and using CGI, AI/Machine learning, AR/VR, and localization to even further enable our clients to personalize content based on campaign, season, audience and other variables.

Myles and his team of experts work across many different client verticals such as Technology and CPG, but if one looks at the industry, they are most dominant in the Fashion and Beauty categories. The company works with most of the big beauty brands on a domestic and global level – but those aren’t their only two sectors. Content creation is CreativeDrive’s expertise and since any and every industry needs content, what they can provide is industry agnostic.

In an instance, the company significantly enhanced content creation and execution lifecycles beyond all engagement channels through our partnership with Estee Lauder. The brand has committed content labs within our Downtown NY studio, which supported consolidate Estee Lauder’s content production process while combining their internal division that was producing unnecessary, overlapping content, multiple times, for different channels. They helped increase sales conversion by over 240 percent through content optimization. It was a privilege and honor working with the iconic name and winning the “supplier of the year award” across categories for the company.

The company is also proud of their partnership with United Airlines. Specifically, a digital campaign they designed to celebrate an aviation icon and the end of an era. United wanted to produce a social media campaign that would generate sentimentality, excitement and ticket sales for the final farewell of the last 747 in its fleet. CreativeDrive team quickly developed a retro graphics look and feel for producing assets for the historic event, including an Inflight magazine cover as well as a range of social media videos blending historic and contemporaneous video with motion graphics to create an engaging, compelling story. The first video post resulted in 162 views, 4,100 reactions and 1,573 shares on Facebook. Tickets were sold out in shorter than 24 hours of the post.

CreativeDrive are embracing the opportunity and financing as nearly a third their company is made up of solution developers, analysts and engineers and for a highly creative company, is much more distinguished than the average investment in research and improvement and emerging technologies. At CreativeDrive, they are always looking for the latest and greatest tech, including artificial intelligence and approaches to apply these innovations to their and the clients’ businesses.

Currently, CreativeDrive is developing their own machine learning platform that will help customers identify content gaps for an even faster turnaround. They see machine learning as a tremendous opportunity that ultimately equates to better client service across businesses. The company is focusing on now and what’s next as they prepare their studios and clients for the next wave of comprehensive technological innovation. Technology will continuously change the direction CreativeDrive shares, creates and discovers content. It is their mission to continually challenge the status quo, create faster with greater capability and use the most innovative technologies, to meet consumers’ ever-growing demand for world-class content.

CreativeDrive runs on a proprietary cloud-based platform that enables them to plan, track and share content from pre-production, and throughout entire creation to post-production process.

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