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Kevin Mullins

Kevin Mullins | Strengthening Law Enforcement

Strengthening Law Enforcement

Intrensic, LLC and GoPro, Inc. (GPRO) has been offering the world’s most exceptional body worn cameras to law enforcement.  Intrensic provides a robust, secure storage principles, working for both on-site and cloud based storage.  Intrensic CEO, Kevin Mullins stated, “There has been much contemplation as to when GoPro would be market directly to law enforcement.  There is no mystery that GoPro offers the most dynamic, durable, and wearable video technology in the world.  We are really excited to be working with GoPro and allowing our high-end, secure video storage options.  A GoPro development into the law enforcement market is perfect and comes at a time when necessary and demand are very high.”  

GoPro is recognized as the leader in advanced action video photography and many police officers, unsatisfied with contemporary video capture options, have purchased GoPro technology on their individual for use in the field.  GoPro cameras offer the highest degree video image capture on the market.

Intrensic has partnered directly with GoPro to implement a secure cloud-based storage solution with their Evidence on Cloud storage capacities as well as local storage options.

Intrensic has been attempting both the Hero 4 Silver and Hero 4 Session cameras, depending on the specific requirements of the law enforcement.  Intrensic and GoPro has been offering over 25 mounting options for the cameras, making the technology the most wearable and dynamic on the market.  The Hero 4 Silver and Hero 4 Session camera have been chosen for law enforcement for their capability to highlight tag certain video files, auto low-light capabilities, and the Super View capture permitting the most immersive wide-angle field of composition.  Drop test and Ingress Protection ratings far surpass other body worn technologies in current operation.

Kevin Mullins said, “The mounting capability and functionality options of GoPro are tremendous.

Mounting possibilities are so versatile with GoPro, a department’s body cameras and dash cameras do not have to be autonomous of each other.  This is especially important for businesses with tight budget constraints.”  With Intrensic and GoPro, a business can have world class video capture and storage at a fraction of the previous costs.

Many of the contemporary body cameras on the market offer an approximate 70° degree field of composition.  GoPro is the only body worn camera on the market that will enable officers to capture full super-wide 170° video images.  This is particularly important in law enforcement as capturing the entire field of representation is critical in accurately documenting police encounters.

Since the unfortunate events encompassing the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri one year ago, both the public and law enforcement have included the need for body worn cameras by police officers.  A study in Rialto, CA showed a decrease in use of force incidents by 94% over three years, once body worn cameras were in use by the police department.  An even more important number is a reduction in citizen’s complaints over two years from 51 complaints in 2009 to only 3 complaints in 2011.  The vast majority of law enforcement agencies agree that body worn cameras will reduce unwarranted citizen’s complaints and mitigate liability to the departments.

The requirements of today’s Law Enforcement Agencies require a camera that works in the most perfect manner possible.

That’s why they partnered with GoPro to bring Law Enforcement Officers a body worn solution that can capture the evidence one needs reliably no matter what the day brings. From the moment data is captured, Intrensic goes to great lengths to ensure both the security and integrity of the data whether it’s stored in the cloud or on-site servers.

The company works with the policies and budget to provide a solution that is right for the agency. Intrensic’s Software makes it easy to manage all of the agencies digital evidence including videos, photos and documents in one place.  When they created the Intrensic DEMS platform, Intrensic sought the input from agencies across the country so tasks like sharing cases, managing retention schedules, and administering user permissions are simple and intuitive.

With the tremendous demand of body worn cameras in law enforcement, storage on both the camera and servers can become huge hurdles.  The Intrensic and GoPro solution offer 64GB of on-board storage, which is more than twice the majority of most other technologies in this market.

Kevin Mullins stated, “Intrensic will offer the best body worn video technology with GoPro, and a solid storage solution catered for law enforcement, both at a cost agencies can afford.  We have catered our solution so that there are no surprises with the hardware or cost of storage.” “Over the last couple of years, there were a lot of players who got into this space,” stated Kevin. “What has happened since then is we’ve seen two separate needs come out. One is a need for video capture, and the other is for evidence management. Law enforcement discovered they were producing thousands of records every month. So how do you handle that? That’s where our expertise is.”

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