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Dr. Gerald Glass

Making healthcare insurance easier with Dr. Glass

Making Healthcare Insurance Easier

Dr. Gerald Glass has always been driven by the use of technology in improving the dynamic between physicians, patients, and insurance companies. Before entering medicine, Dr. Glass procured his undergraduate degree from North American University while entering in the United States Army. He later finished Officer Candidate School and served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. After being honorably released from the army, Dr. Glass got a Physician Assistant degree from Western University of Health & Sciences and became the patron, President, and CEO of MebSoft, a medical billing software firm.

MebSoft was a trailblazer in retrospectively analyzing carrier reimbursement as it related to the diagnosis. Its proprietary software was the primary of its kind in improving payment for providers by using a rules-based system in connecting diagnosis to reimbursement. Dr. Glass then went on to receive his Doctorate of Medicine from Windsor University School of Medicine. In 1997, Dr. Glass co-founded AHCS and had served as co-CEO since its inception. Going ahead, in 2015, Dr. Glass became the Chairman of the Board for AHCS and ezVerify with the key goal of using technology to eliminate surprise bills and permit patients to understand their “out of pocket” obligation, as well as give physicians a better understanding of what insurance firms need to process claims more expeditiously and accurately.

Dr. Glass, co-founder and chairman of Automated HealthCare Solutions, ezVerify’s parent company explains, “In a matter of moments, FMA physicians, by offering ezVerify and AHCS’ transparency gateway, will help patients fully and thoroughly understand their insurance coverage and their direct financial liability.” Dr. Glass’s overall purpose is to lower healthcare costs through technology and electronic communication. ezVerify is presently one of the industry leaders in actively mining data to accomplish these purposes and is now being rolled out nationwide. “In an age where insurance is complex, our transparency device streamlines the process and eliminates the guesswork for patients and physicians,” Dr. Glass continued.

Patients often have a limited understanding of what medical expenses are covered or not included by their health insurance and can be unpleasantly surprised by those unknown healthcare expenses.  ezVerify takes that strange out of the process and particularly improves a patient’s experience by clearly and easily distinguishing his or her direct financial responsibility and providing a summary of coverage and benefits within seconds. It is expected that 30 percent of patients do not get their medication scripts filled, primarily owing to administrative and logistical challenges. Automated HealthCare Solutions originated ezVerify that eliminates these challenges. This provides to patients getting a higher standard of care and eventually recovering from their injuries faster. The software is specially designed to support the medical provider in giving the patient the highest level of care, which ultimately enhances the positive outcomes of their recovery. This also reduces the overall cost of treating the patients, arranges the patient back to work sooner, as well as creating significant administrative efficiencies.

Automated HealthCare Solutions has also partnered with physicians, pharmacies, insurance carriers, third-party administrators, and pharmacy benefit managers to develop the most advanced software solution to dispense medications and efficiently administer the adjudication of the claims. The fact that Dr. Glass is a medical doctor has enabled him to understand the complexities faced by caregivers, coupled with his vast medical and leadership experience, and a clear vision of changing the way medications are dispensed and adjudicated, has resulted in creating one of the industry’s top software and revenue cycle dispensing platforms for workers compensation and automotive injury patients.

LendingPoint has combined forces with ezVerify, a tech company powering real-time health insurance verification and advantages info, to build a solution to healthcare’s last-mile problem: ezCarePoint.EzVerify integrates among the hospital and insurance provider so that all patients have to do at the point of sale is swipe their consent and medical card and answer a few questions. Then, ezVerify stands out to the insurer to find out what remains of the deductible before offering payment options — all within seconds. EzCarePoint will not grant loans to patients seeking elective surgeries, which are riskier and more costly, Burnside said. They are for medically necessary methods only. The whole point is to make sure average people don’t have to make a decision to get treated based on their financial circumstances.


More than 30 million people forego essential medical attention due to the financial burden it could impose, as per a report by The Commonwealth Fund. Others go ahead and get the care and don’t pay their bills. In one instance, the consumer suffers; in the other, the provider. EzCarePoint makes it possible for both parties to get what they need. “Informed patients are happier patients,” stated Dr. Gerald Glass. “In the current environment, it’s challenging for patients to know what they’re required to pay. And for hospitals and practitioners, this leads to administrative headaches, frustrating calls, and unpaid bills.”

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