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Frank Patitucci

Frank Patitucci | Technology Leader in The Relocation Industry

Technology Leader in The Relocation Industry

Frank Patitucci, Chairman and CEO, NuCompass has more than 30 years of experience in real estate, relocation, and business management. Today, Frank concentrates primarily on the company’s strategic direction, which means driving the company to convert into the technology leader in the relocation industry. In his extra time, Frank enjoys college sports, travel, politics, and the continuous remodeling of his 1927 home.

NuCompass understands that relocation is a very complicated process that comes with a lot of moving parts and emotional challenges. And after 50 years of helping companies, Frank knows how essential it is to get it right and to make it easy for their customers. What sets NuCompass apart from other mobility management firms is the way they apply technology to the relocation process. At NuCompass, they have never been satisfied with the accepted way of doing business in the industry. From their earliest beginnings in 1965, NuCompass has been changing the landscape of relocation through technology. They think technology has become even more essential today. As firms have migrated to talent management platforms and self-service portals for workers HR functions, there is a requirement to maintain pace with how HR is evolving. Become more present. NuCompass makes it easier for everyone, by building in workflow and access to data for decision-making and to control costs.

NuCompass continuously challenges themselves to think of all the best kinds technology could be used to augment the relocation method while maintaining high service quality. They built some cool things, tried them out, and learned a lot. NuCompass then enhanced them further more. The result is CoPilot. The first cloud-based relocation platform that assists manages the relocation process from the original authorization process through final reconciliation. There is annihilation like it in the market today. NuCompass is excited to continue their journey of helping firms move their employees around the world in the most productive and modern way possible. The CoPilot platform leverages over 50 years of relocation expertise by employing the latest technology tools to deliver services to your relocating employees and to help you to efficiently manage relocation costs.

The way they approach relocation is different from the rest of the industry. The company understands that one size does not fit all. Many organizations don’t need the most complete and expensive programs on the market. Many also require more than just basic management. Even within the same organization, the relocation present might be different depending on location or employee. NuCompass starts by matching their organization’s needs — whether they need a complete program, just the basics, or both — to provide the right experience for them and their relocating employees. With NuCompass clients can explore a range of services they provide, and the technology that’s the backbone of how they relocate each and every person. From start to finish, NuCompass offers unmatched excellence in service and support to their customers. The firm helps companies of all sizes and industries successfully plan, implement, and execute their relocation strategies.

For relocation and assignment cost analysis NuCompass’ cost estimator tool helps users manage the costs for every relocation or assignment. Users can easily estimate the cost of each policy component and compare different move scenarios. For international moves, NuCompass also provides an analysis of expatriate compensation costs, home or host country income, and hypothetical tax. For policy advice and consulting they offer a formal consulting capability to assist them with their U.S. Domestic and global mobility policy evaluation and development. The company analyzes existing practices and explores policy options based on customer’s company culture, industry trends, program costs, and benchmark comparisons with other clients.

The GDPR is a new general data protection law (in effect May 25, 2018) in the EU that strengthens the protection of private data in light of rapid technological developments, enhanced globalization, and more complex international flows of personal data. It refreshes and replaces the patchwork of national data protection laws presently in place with a single set of rules, immediately enforceable in each EU member state. The GDPR regulates the “processing” of data for EU people, which includes collection, storage, transfer, or use. Any company that processes personal data of EU individuals is inside the scope of the law, regardless of whether the organization has a physical appearance in the EU. Importantly, under the GDPR, the idea of “personal data” is very broad and covers any information comparing to an identified or identifiable individual (also termed as “data subject”)

To comply with the new GDPR rules, NuCompass is identifying, segregating and protecting the various data sets, including those shared with downstream suppliers. They are also implementing GDPR standards across our internal systems so that we have a uniform format for transferees to be able to opt-in, remove, and be forgotten. For downstream suppliers, instituting the expected contractual terms to comply with GDPR for those who process data directed to GDPR and ensuring only compliant suppliers are used for co-operation provided to EU individuals. Ensuring their data breach procedures are comprehensive of GDPR requirements and that all NuCompass employees are fully-trained on how to manage a suspected data breach, and updating their present Data Protection and Privacy Policies to include GDPR.

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