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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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6 straight nights and 4,400 arrests: Is this a solution?

6 straight nights and 4,400 arrests: Is this a solution?

We have seen protests all around for George Floyd’s death. It was a silent protest till late Sunday and later the protestors tried to pelt stones put streets on fire, burnt the national flag, The Church of Presidents were on fire.

There were protestors who got injured during this violence there was rubber bullet used by the police to stop the protest, there were smoke guns used, water jet used and many more there were more number of citizens been injured. There were a couple of police officers injured, there were police officers hospitalized.

Is this the solution for the death of George Floyd! Are we doing it right if not then is the policeman doing it right? There were more than 4400 people arrested, there were innocent people walking around has been arrested, students being arrested, the retail stores and many other stores have been looted in the past days and where is this going to end?

Is it not that we need a leader to lead by a cause than asking the governors to take in charge and show the power in people?


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