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7.8% of Fortune 500 CEOs are Women leading the business

7.8% of Fortune 500 CEOs are Women leading the business

June 16, 2020: Twenty years from now we saw only 2, women lead CEOs in the Fortune 500 listing wherein we have seen a minimal increase in the numbers, today there are 37 women CEOs in the Fortune 500 list.

It was 24 in the year of 2018 and, it was 33 last year, and this year we are at the record high in the number of women CEOs as it hits 37.

Carol Tomé, the new CEO of UPS, is the 37th women CEO on the list. However, experts suggested it still makes a small part of the Fortune 500 as it only touches 7.8% but if we look at the trend how the number of women CEOs has increased in the past years would always help us understand the advancement in women empowerment and would always look forward to more Women CEOs in the list.

More women CEOs are seen at the bottom of the list as they are leading a company with lesser revenue in the top 100 list, we could see only 7, women CEOs leading the business with higher revenue. Mary Barra, CEO of GM, runs the largest among them.

The research also suggests that it always outperformed in many companies where there is a women executive in the top management. According to, there is a 19% increase in the profit for a company that focuses on gender parity within the top management.

We still see racial diversity in the listing as we could see only 3, women CEO out of 37 is black. The top companies are with white dominance and, as of the current situation, the listing would discuss racial diversity as well.

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