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Attention Management is the next thing the CEO should focus on the organization

Attention Management is the next thing the CEO should focus on

What is the first reaction when you see an email from your CEO? We rush to respond to the email it may be from managers or the senior management we leave our task and tend to concentrate on the email. We are always said the faster you respond to the email the better is the work. Remember, you are not hired based on how quickly you respond to the email.

We are distracting ourselves from the important task we are working on. We may be serving a customer or doing an important task, but we tend to leave everything and respond to the email. What impact this create at the work?

  • Your productivity will go down as you stop your work and focus on the internal email
  • The internal communication regarding the email with your co-workers will increase through internal messenger.
  • Panic situation looking at the email will affect your productivity.
  • Responding sooner without thinking will affect your understanding within the company as well.
  • Cannot keep the customer happy by providing the best support you can

We employees are creating issues without proper attention management. When we are serving or handling customer you should make sure we are not distracted with any other email.

As the CEO of the company, he should not decide on how fast an employee responds to his email. The understanding with the employees should help the CEO find the right time to discuss and decide on an important discussion. We can overcome these situations through simple steps:

  1. Provide two monitors to the employee so that the internal discussion is kept separately than the one used in interacting with the customer
  2. Decide a dedicated time in a week where you can speak to everyone with any issue or discussion
  3. The CEO or Senior Management should not expect an immediate response on any email sent to employees
  4. Employees should be trained on the Attention Management program to categorize high priority tasks and focus on the customer first.

Any organization following the quick response principle should be stopped and guided in the right direction. Attention Management will play a prominent role in this pandemic situation as employees tend to get distracted working from home.

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