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Before you call back people to work – Instill confidence in them !!!!!!!!!

Before you call back people to work – Instill confidence in them !!!!!!!!!

While calling back the staff to work, the main focus of any organization must be the Health and Safety of their people and, that’s the first step towards gaining confidence. People must acknowledge the gesture of the Company; it starts with the sanitizers and temperature check at the entry. Many companies can run their transport offering the pickup and drop if in case people are opting for public transport to commute to work. This is one way to assure people that you care about them alternatively it also ensures the safety of the rest at the workplace.

The workplace might not remain the same as it was earlier, also following all the guidelines from the authority, might be difficult as well. Making it simple if there were clients frequently visiting your office and meeting people, one can choose and ask the employees to arrange for a video conference to avoid in-person contact to finalize deals. One can instruct the teams to avoid print outs and signatures until the situation stabilizes and go with email approvals and circulars. A company with a larger campus and people working there must have a health care specialist on the campus, one who can always assist the people in need and also guide people about safety measures.

All the employees must be provided with Personal Protective Equipment and, the property management in every company must take care that they do the frequent cleaning, of all the high contact areas. The people must feel safer and, the company needs to prove it very often. The Elevator switches must not be accessible to everyone and rather operated by the Lift Boy. Communicating with the employees frequently is necessary as they must not feel ignored, also they must be educated often about the advancement of the pandemic and also guided how to handle the same. Apart from the guidelines, one has to involve the team in strategic planning for maximum productivity in this pandemic.

Transparency is a must in these crucial times; one must solicit the opinion of the employees and also make them comfortable to voice their opinion. In small firms where the occupancy is more and place is limited, practicing social distancing is crucial and instead of crowding at the workplace, one can call the employees on alternate days or alternate weeks, where the rest of the time the employee will be working from home. Maybe the sectors that can carry out the functioning from home effectively must be given a break along with the consideration to those employees with kids and elderly person around.

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