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Coronavirus Update: The United States and The United Kingdom

Coronavirus Update: The United States and The United Kingdom

July 13, 2020: The United States hits a total of 3.3 million cases that will make 29% of the global case in the United States. Florida detected the highest of all time in the last four months with 15,000 cases. However, New York gives a shock with no new death recorded yesterday.

A top advisor said the death count rise for the next 2-3 week,

Large and small labs are working 24/7 and are not able to process the sample of millions of people every week.

40% of the people who tested positive are asymptomatic and, the chances of virus spread are 75%

The UK death count touch 44,819 as of today and, the business is with given green light to open the businesses from July 9th. The UK has the most test capacity in Europe and with increasing the death rate to 44,819.

Matt Hancock has revealed localized outbreaks are leading most of the lockdowns.

PM also said the government is going to decide in the next few days on compulsory face-mask in shops.

The National Trust in the United Kingdom announced to open, which was closed through lockdown from the last 4-months.

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