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Defeat Overthinking with simple steps

Defeat Overthinking with simple steps

What is overthinking? If we start thinking of a situation or particular topic for a much longer time, then we refer it to overthinking. In the current competitive world, we see many people suffer from depression, stress, failures many more just because of the simple term called overthinking. It is simple if you understand and, there are necessary measures to take care of and come out from overthinking.

We humans will overthink one or the other situation or event in life. However, chronic overthinker usually spend most of their time thinking of something which has already happened or something which is yet to happen.

With a basic example if someone wants to add a photo to their social media, if he starts thinking about how people would react, what is someone’s comments in the wrong way, what if? It is something we say it as overthinking. We have also met people who overthink the past scenarios and keep questioning themselves. Why did it happen and, what is the reason, why did someone react like that?

The basic understanding is if you overthink anything which is yet to occur or which has already occurred. Then we are pressurizing ourselves. We are building pressure on our mental state and repeating these questions. Is there a way to come out of this? Yes, there is and listed are a few changes you can make within yourself to fight the situation and make yourself free from the mental stress.

  1. Be Aware: Before we go ahead with a solution to a problem, we should be aware of what the problem is. If you be cautious about your action and be aware of overthinking then you have solved half the problem. It is just that you should be aware of the situation and control your brain not to do it.
  2. Think positive: We end up overthinking for a situation or action in life which has gone wrong. The next step we think is always about what if it goes wrong. So we don’t have to think about what will go wrong rather what can go right.
  3. Distract: Overthinking is nothing other than thinking on a particular topic for more than required. As a human, we have control over our thoughts. It is always easy to distract from an over-thinking situation to happiness. We tend to listen to music when we are sad and, we choose to listen to sad songs which are wrong. We have to change the approach by going to a happier situation.
  4. Do not be a perfectionist: It is something unrealistic to be a perfectionist and, we may be an expert and have good knowledge but thinking you should be a perfectionist is something we have to avoid in the daily life.
  5. Avoid Fear: People tend to see fear as a threat to them and loose things about being looser or thinking of a situation where you fail. We have to drag our thoughts to something right then something wrong. Fear is an emotion within the body and does not treat it as the end of something important.
  6. Do not predict the future: Understanding the fact of life and knowing that you cannot predict what will happen tomorrow is something to learn. We humans cannot predict the future and do not assume things that never happened.
  7. You are the best: Do not compare your self with anyone or feel low, thinking you are not good enough, you cannot do, someone is better than you and many more. This creates a mental pressure in you about the comparison.
  8. Be grateful: If we have food on our table with a monthly salary, then you are grateful for the same. You should be grateful for everything you have in life.
  9. Pen down the thoughts: The science suggests that when people pen down what is going on in their mind is always a good practice to get rid of it. If there is something negative thing which is holding you back then pen down everything you will feel relaxed. Throw the paper just after you finish writing it.

Overthinking is just a habit, not a disease. We can overcome the habit, my making ourselves self-conscious and control our thoughts.

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