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Fashwire Awarded Coveted First-Place Award at Startup Grind’s Inaugural Virtual Global Pitch Battle Competition

October 22, 2020 06:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Fashwire wins the coveted first place position in Startup Grind’s inaugural global pitch battle competition, where startups from around the world battled it out in front of a world-renowned panel of investors, mentors, and the Startup Grind community.

“One of the greatest honors Fashwire has received to date since our launch in 2018 is this recognition, by the leading global industry experts at Startup Grind as the premier startup at the intersection of fashion and tech,” stated Fashwire Founder and CEO Kimberly Carney. “We are in one of the most competitive landscapes and this award solidifies that we are providing, with our Technology partner DevelopingNow, an unmatched unique opportunity for our designers and users within the digital and social media sectors.”

Startup Grind, the world’s largest community of startups, founders, innovators, and creators presented its first ever virtual pitch competition on September 24th reaching a worldwide audience of 3.5 million individuals. Ten key leading startups were hand-picked by Startup Grind to battle it out and present why their startup has the winning formula for global success. CEO and Founder Kimberly Carney brought to life Fashwire’s two-sided B2Band B2C web and app-based fashion discovery global platform and shopping marketplace and our portfolio of 300+ emerging and established designers across 33+ countries, in both the ready-to-wear and accessories space.

“I saw early on that Kimberly understood the pain points for the fashion designers. Kimberly was building something new in the fashion tech sector that was a centralized designer solution that wasn’t in the marketplace,” stated Manny Rivelo, Fashwire Investor & Advisory Board Member. “With this win, she’s continuing to validate the market need, the innovative platform, and is exceeding our expectations month after month.

“It is a huge validation to see Fashwire win Startup Grind’s first ever global pitch battle,” stated Joe Futty, Fashwire Advisory Board Member and ParkNow (Berlin), Chief Product Officer. “The continued growth of the platform is due to the fact that it is the first of its kind to connect fashion designers directly to consumers and provides vital data on product performance which gives brands real-time feedback on their collections informing a more cost effective approach to stock ordering, merchandising and pricing decisions.”

The exhibition of talent showcased ten of the world’s most formidable startups including YData, HR KIT, DUCKT, Bioo, Upside, A.D.A.M, AR Market srl, Science Retail Inc. and Mercku. Fashwire took the first-place prize in front of Startup Grind’s Alex Gordon-Furse and Aayush Jain with judges Amy Jin and SC Moatti.

“Fashwire is in a period of strategic acceleration creating a disruption of the traditional retail model with our swipe technology user interface that encourages users to “Swipe The Edit” and discover designers globally,” Vice President of Fashion, Sebrie Springs, explains. “Fashwire fuses together the discoverability of emerging brands, delivers critical user real-time feedback to our designers and allows users and brands to engage in unprecedented and innovative ways.”

About Fashwire:

Fashwire’s global platform provides its portfolio of 300+ designers from more than 30+ countries vital insight into consumer shopping behavior patterns on the popularity of new collections and future products. A two-sided marketplace, Fashwire is a B2B data hub to navigate consumer demand and increase profitability. For Consumers, Fashwire’s B2C shopping platform creates a compelling interactive experience by combining fun, immersive swipe voting with the ability to influence the designer instantly. Giving designers real-time valuable insights through a fun and seamless experience for users is what makes Fashwire the digital front runner in real-time consumer global business intelligence. The company has raised $2.5M to date and is backed by a range of all-star private angel investors. For more information, visit Fashwire at You can find us on social by liking Fashwire on Facebook an following Fashwire on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and TikTok.

Important Note to Editors:

Please use any part of this announcement with our compliments and full permission. We require that you credit us as the source and convey our name as Fashwire. You may also direct your audience to our website We can be found @fashwire on social media.


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