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Guidelines for reopening the office

Guidelines for reopening the office

June 4, 2020: As small and medium-sized companies have already hit badly with the current situation the American companies try to have a reopening America campaign with certain measures taken. It is always suggested to follow a few guidelines while going out from the home:

  1. Keep at least 6 feet distance from each other and maintain the social distancing
  2. Wear mask without fail even inside the office and when you are outside
  3. Check for symptoms and if you have any symptoms try to stay away from the crowd and take necessary measures
  4. Get tested if you find any symptom as this will help you get medicated and would stop spreading to your colleagues
  5. Look for cleaning measures in office as there would be many places for a common touch from others like the door handle, switch, etc
  6. Follow virtual meeting than face to face meeting to avoid the interaction
  7. Split the work and make different batches in the company so that they come in alternate days
  8. Some work can be done remotely and support the employees to work from home in those cases.
  9. Make sure your fellow employees follow the guidelines before having a conversation.

As per the recent survey, more than 40 % of the company plan to reopen following the hybrid approach where the key employees will work in the office and others work remotely. Some companies try to continue the work from home further till the end of the year whereas the SMB and the Mom’s and Pop’s have to reopen its office. The unemployment rate would go down and the GDP would increase with the contribution of the Small and Medium-sized companies. 

With all measures taken the reopening should be a planned move from the business owners across the United States. 

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