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How to overcome pandemic loss personally?

How to overcome pandemic loss personally?

It may be a dream business you built, a dream job you finally had in hand, a small business which you were leading, and many more. The loss occurred due to the COVID-19 is not countable. The pandemic has created a lot of trouble everywhere and how do we overcome these losses personally.

We can compare these losses to the grief we feel when we lose a family member. Yes, loss hurts, but time would heal everything and you will overcome it by yourself. Similarly, you have lost the business the companies may have shut down but you have to accept and start facing it. Here are a few practices you can use to surpass the loss:

  1. Acknowledge the loss: You have all the right to be sad and be depressed as your hard work and the dream project has been affected however, you should be bold enough to accept it. It is completely fine if you want to speak out or release yourself from stress and sadness. Speak to people whom you trust and who would listen to you and try to speak out to release the stress within you.
  2. Give time to yourself: It is very important to be patient enough to give time to you and be yourself. You can do something which you feel good, you can hang out with your close friends or family members who will be happy to hear from you. Also, learn to meditate and learn to be calm which always heals you from inside.
  3. Get Thoughts into a paper: It is always a good habit to write down things when you are sad when you feel low this will help you express yourself in words and you would feel much better when you write it on a piece of paper. The more you express yourself the more you are relaxed and release more stress.
  4. Involve yourself in Hobby: Playing music is my hobby and the more I practice and get involved in it I would be lost in my world of happiness. So it is very important to practice more of your hobbies which give you happiness and help grow yourself. A couple of times we don’t realize when the time just flew and this will be the major stress-buster when you need it.
  5. Be Kind and Help others: Go out and just look at people around look for people who need your kindness and love. If you are entering any grocery store note the name of the cashier say hello and ask how they are doing which will make them happy that someone is there to ask at least. You can move around the streets see people help them and just show some love which will always help to boost your confidence and you will feel happy.

It is a time where we have to overcome as we know “time is the healer” and we would have to give some time to ourselves to overcome this in a better way.


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