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Is Mentor or Mentoring team a need for your career growth?

Is Mentor or Mentoring team a need for your career growth?

We would often see in the corporate world, the employee continuously mentored outperform and out-earn from the other employees in the team. There are more chances of getting promoted for the employee mentored. Having a mentor is the best thing you can have in your career. Having a team of mentors is just icing on the cake.

Do you need a mentor? Yes, we would get into a career or a job role that is new for us and, we may take a longer time to understand ourselves and get into a position. However, having a mentoring team with diverse people from different industry verticals and different job profiles help you find the right way. The mentors will help to perform your job easier, with a simple understanding and better confidence in you.

Will the mentor give me moral support? Yes, we get a chance to speak to people who are in a higher position than us and have a better knowledge of the corporate world. They have surpassed the level of what we are in today. The more you speak to them, the more you are personally fit.

Can mentor decision be wrong? There is an added advantage to have many mentors than just one mentor. We are humans and, mistakes can happen at any time. However, once you have a group of mentors, you can speak to everyone to take suggestions, and based on that, you will be happy to decide for your betterment.

How do you choose a mentoring team or mentor? Below are a few simple steps to find the right teammates for better results:

Decide your goal: If your journey is without a set vision in mind.  Then, it is similar to the soccer team on the field and, there is no goal post you have to move here and there with the ball. It is good to decide what you need in life and what is your next step and what you want to become soon. Once you have a clear picture of your vision, then we can choose the mentoring team easily.

Your Inner Circle: Choose people who know you better in all means. Someone who can understand you personally, like when your angry, hungry, in a bad mood and who can understand your gestures and react accordingly. Someone who can tell you something to correct yourself even if you get hurt. The people here can be your parents, friends, senior.

Your middle Circle: Middle circle are people who be with you and have seen you but do not know you much personally. Choose some from this circle. People here can be your colleague who has seen you working under pressure, working an extra mile to achieve the target, respects you for your work.

Your Outer Circle: This is the most prominent circle you have to choose. These are people whom you admire. One day you want to become like them or an expert in the industry. They can be in any industry and any job profile. You would have heard them several times but, they do not know you. That is ok the experts in the outer circle need not know you. However, they are in the better and best position which you want to be tomorrow.

Setting up a goal and choosing different circles of life would make the best mentoring team for you. Also, never select people with a negative mindset, the person who always focuses on the dark side of the opportunity should never be your mentor. The mix of right people from the above steps will give you the team you have to rely on and choose the right person at the right time to have better results in your life.

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