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July-20th – A day of reckoning- as the Labor group push for a nationwide strike

The Labor group is pushing for a nationwide strike on July 20th

July 9, 2020: The death f George Floyd and the protest and chain of walks on-street asking for justice seen for many months. However, the protest and the strike on the road just defamed the police department in some states but did not fetch results from any government entity.

There are posters still and “Black Life Matters” painting all over the roads across the United States and, police brutality is shown everywhere across the nation. Some took advantage of this protest with more loots and robbery, causing problems for the companies. However, the fight continues requesting justice.

  • Service Employees International Union called it “Strike for Clack lives” There are a total of more than million in the United States and Canada from the SEIU joining the protest.
  • Information about the strike shared with Associated Press that mentions the list of 20 states where the protest will take place on July-20th.
  • Few demands from the protests are: $15 should be the minimum wage per hour, Request to rewrite the rules and give equal importance to black people.
  • Many workers and officials are about to walk off the job on July-20th for 8 minutes. That is the remembrance for the police as they were holding George’s neck for 8 min.

Floyd’s death has created a significant change across the corporate and the real world. We could see people reacting and addressing the racism in a better way and, many companies have come forward to help the organization to  maintain equality. The protest #strikeforblacklives is to probe the government to take action.

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