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Microsoft’s Surface Book 3 delivers high speed

Microsoft’s Surface Book 3 delivers high speed

The Microsoft Surface which was initially launched in 2012 and the new version released by Microsoft has not changed the design much. The surface book is with the option of removing the screen and uses it as tablet. The Surface Book is available with 13.5 inch and 15 inch screen.

Microsoft is with the strategy of retaining the laptop than rethinking on the same. With longer battery life and 32GB of memory for the first time with fastest storage drive, built in with Intel core chips and Nvidia’s graphics card presents the Surface Book 3.


    1. Performance is excellent with great speed
    2. Computer does not get heated up during workloads.
    3. Less than 4 seconds to detach the display and use it as tab
    4. The case is made with magnesium which is smooth


  1. The look and feel of the product remains same as before
  2. 5 hrs battery backup and it was 7.5hrs in Book 2
  3. The Keys in the function row are re arranged
  4. Microsoft shifts with Windows 10 not Windows 10 Pro
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