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Opening Schools is Risky says New Yorkers

Opening Schools is Risky says New Yorkers

September 3, 2020: The current pandemic situation affected the students learning and the education system. Many schools and colleges shifted completely to online classes. However, the online classes would not give the on-campus learning experience.

As the New York Officials think about reopening the schools to go with in-person learning while some still oppose reopening the school. The recent survey in New York has come up with a result wherein 62% of the people say it is too early to reopen the schools.66% said the schools and colleges to completely move to online functioning

New York Governor addressed the press where he congratulated the state that reduced the infection rate of 47% in April to less than 1%T in the last couple of weeks in August. Based on the number the officials insisted to reopen the schools. However, the teachers association has requested more safety measures before reopening the schools.

More than 51% of the population still believe the second wave of coronavirus will be in the fall. Opening schools without safety measures will be risky even though this will affect the student’s education.

On Wednesday New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the state had an infection rate under 1% for 26 straight days, saying “[That’s] no mean feat. However, high case levels throughout the country are storm clouds on the horizon, and we have to stay vigilant in partnership with the enforcement of local governments.” Still, most New Yorkers are not comfortable with public indoor activities: 58% wouldn’t eat in a restaurant, 72% wouldn’t go to a bar and 73% wouldn’t watch a movie in a theater.

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