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Productive Work from Home – Just needs Organising THE SELF!!!

Productive Work from Home – Just needs Organising THE SELF!!!

One needs to adhere to the routine to be productive, work from home doesn’t mean that you must alter your routine and be at ease. Managing the routine is quite possible by doing a few things with the utmost efficiency – may be going to bed early and rising early every morning. One need not get carried away watching the web series that is trending or cling to the social media app overnight. 

Work from home usually makes one feel like there is no need to dress up or for that matter even bath, but starting a day afresh and getting dressed keeps one positive to go about the work assigned. Like you would be connected to the colleagues in the workplace, keep a check on your colleagues and how their WFH home is going on. Don’t just sit with your system all day, rather take your coffee breaks and have a schedule for your lunch as well. Start and end your day on a precise schedule every day so that you don’t miss upon your social life. 

Another major aspect is your workstation. Choose a location at home precisely to work and arrange for basic set up like a chair, table, and plug point. Do not take it for granted and be lethargic to move around and work seated on your bed or comfy cozy sofas. This will be the major setback where you tend to slide down and sleep off. Keep your work station away from distraction majorly from a music system or a smart TV. Work station needs to be organized to have the feel-good factor to start your work every day. 

Once you fix your work station and working hours do not sneak out of the schedule to do the personal chores like cooking or buying groceries or to watch a movie your family is watching or get engrossed in the chit chat with the family members. 


If you are a Team Lead and you have a team who is working from home, every alternate day choose to have a video call, so that you are connected to them like you were when at work, a video conference would be much effective than a phone call where you do not see the actions and tasks the employee might be doing at his end. 

Many video call apps have come up with major add on. Like you always have targets, presentations, and meetings, plan the same via video conference every week to have an overview of the performance of the entire team and learn from the review what is lacking in the team. Since WFH is new to everyone, employees might have better ideas and plan for effective working as well, hence open the platform once in a while for their suggestion and appreciate them for keeping up the pace even while working from home. Document every meeting and the discussion and also be a little flexible with the staff than what you were while at Office. 


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