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Recruiting Top Talent during the Pandemic

Recruiting Top Talent during the Pandemic

The pandemic has created a panic situation in the United States, total crossed more than 30 million unemployment forms submitted in the last few months. One in every 5 individuals in the country does not have a permanent job as many of the companies shut down and many have closed temporarily. Also, hiring has not been easy with more unemployed people around and more Talent with the employer to choose the right candidate. Employees have shifted their focus from supporting the family financially to the safety of the family. It is a tough task to handle as a workforce manager, and as a hiring manager.

The HR department is not only competing with other companies, rather we are competing with a virus that has given the power to the candidates to question about safety. Not to be surprised, a large number of unemployed workers have decided to stay home and wait for the pandemic to end while others choose the work from home option. Many tech giants have decided to go with permanent work from home, while others extended the timeline till the pandemic comes to an end.

Meanwhile, in some companies, the demand for workers and skilled laborers are outpacing. Tech, hospital, health care, public safety, and few other companies are likely to start hiring 3-months from now. The Staffing industry is likely expecting a 56% increase in new orders in the coming days as per the report published in June 2020.

How do we lean towards recruiting effectively in this current situation? Listed are the few strategies that Managers can follow to simplify their work:

Craft your Brand

Before you go ahead and start looking for candidates verify whether the company is maintaining the brand. Do you as an employer have a strong brand presence outside the company. Try to analyze and understand how the public looks at your company as a brand what is missing and try to fill those gaps which are missing.

Once you have your employer brand set in the market then the talent message will be much easier to draft. Try to pin down points on why the candidate should choose you and, the current pandemic is focusing more on the safety of the employee. You, as an employer are adhering to the safety rules are something that you can focus on before proceeding to hire.

Focus on Pull Strategies than Push Strategies

As an employer, you should provide employees with enough benefits which they look for and focus on the well-being of the organization. Make a few testimonials from the current employees make yourself visible on social media. The applicants and the prospective candidates should be attracted to your company rather than forcing them to join the company. Make the talent brand to be visible to others and create interest within them to attract them towards joining.

CSR activities from the companies to support public life is something which employers can focus on. Go out and support the social causes and raise a voice against the cause in public. These activities will make the candidates feel safe and more willing to join.

Simplify the On-boarding process

On completion of this pandemic, the employers are more likely to change the onboarding process by simplifying the onboarding process from days to few hours. It would be difficult to expect productivity at the very start of the hiring or employment the candidates take days to learn and then perform. Try to get over the unnecessary steps in the onboarding process make the employee feel comfortable in the process. If you are hiring remote employees in the current situation, then think of unique ways to welcome them and introduce them to other team members.

The situation still is uncertain and, the hiring managers have to be on their toes to address the requirement once the pandemic is lifted. We hope to see better talent is recruited in every organization in the coming days.

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